“Go ahead, sue us” •

“Go ahead, sue us” •

One company sells replacement PlayStation 5 consoles, and says to Sony, “Please sue us.”

Canada-based device customization company Dbrand has launched replacement PS5 boards, dubbed Darkplates, with a rude attitude toward the prospect of Sony’s removal.

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Like ribbed Replacement panels are now for sale. It’s matte black and will set you back at least $ 49 – no shipping cost.

“With the release of Darkplates the unimaginable happened,” says Dbrand in his report website. “We took Sony’s massive breakthrough in poor design … and fixed it. We can only assume our awards are in the mail.”

It’s an aggressive tone given the fate of companies that have so far tried and failed to sell PS5 consoles. Last year I succeeded the company was forced to change its name and remove the PS5 images after Sony threatened legal action. Ultimately, the company canceled all pre-orders.

PS5 boards don’t come with a bit of mess – Sony also revealed itself in the run-up to the console launch in November 2020. At the time, it was felt that Sony was planning to sell its official replacement panels, although the company had yet to announce such a product.


Dbrand boards have a microscopic texture, as do official PS5 boards, but differ slightly from Sony’s PlayStation face button design.

“When you look at this microscopic tissue inside Darkplates, what do you see?” “Absolutely legal,” Dbrand says in a section of his website.

If your answer “revolves around a familiar apocalypse but is legally distinct from the classic PlayStation button shapes,” you might be one of our attorneys.

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The top of the site reads “Please, judge.”

According to the Darkplates website, the first three waves of PS5 boards sold out. Limited stock of the matte black variant of the disc version console is said to be available for shipment in May.

The question is, will this process continue at that time, or will Sony’s lawyers have their say?

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