Global Citizen reveals the world’s recovery plan and upcoming special broadcast

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“While COVID-19 has touched everyone on the planet, the impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable – especially those living in extreme poverty – has been devastating, leaving people worse off than they were, even just a year ago. 1.5 billion “Children’s education has been disrupted and millions of families face starvation,” said Chopra Jonas, Global Citizen Ambassador. But the actions we take together can make a difference. ”“ By using our voices to call on world leaders, companies and philanthropists to speed up and take urgent action, and by supporting the Recovery Plan for the World, we can impact millions of lives for the better now, not later. ”

The campaign will include a special global broadcast, broadcast in May, that will be geared toward helping overcome vaccine hesitation while mobilizing governments to distribute vaccines equitably. The offer is said to be in cooperation with the European Commission, the World Health Organization, Italy (as chair of the G20), the state of California, and iHeartMedia. Additional details are expected to be provided in the coming weeks.

Also in 2021, Global Citizen, in partnership with Teneo, will bring the campaign to life through a series of Pledge Moments and global events with key moments including Global Citizen Live, A multi-hour global event featuring shows from Lagos, New York, Paris, Seoul and Sydney; The Global Citizen is at the G20 Summit, hosted by the Italian Presidency of the G20 and the European Commission and held in Rome on October 30-31.

The plans come on the heels of last year Global Citizen hosts one world: together at home And the Global Goal: Unite for Our FutureE, Events that helped mobilize more than $ 1.5 billion in cash grants, with more than $ 1.1 billion already disbursed. “A virus anywhere remains a virus everywhere, and our goal is to unite world leaders, artists, artists, philanthropists and CEOs to end COVID-19 for everyone and start a global recovery,” said Hugh Evans, Global Co-founder and CEO.

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More information about the plan can be found Here.

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter.

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