Get Shadow Articuno before it finishes in Pokémon GO

Get Shadow Articuno before it finishes in Pokémon GO

Time is running out for Shadow Articuno Pokemon GO. Starting April 1, 2021 at 12 AM, showdowns with GO Rocket Boss Giovanni will reward Shadow Zapdos Encounters instead of Shadow Articuno Meetups. This remains true even if you are close to finishing with GO Rocket Special Research. This quest rewards Super Rocket Radar rather than confrontation, so any battles achieved with Giovanni, even during the March mission, will result in Shadow Zapdos starting April 1st, so if you want Shadow Articuno, it’s time to act now!

John N. Pokemon GO. Credit: Niantic

First, let’s summarize your full “Top Fly …” research on Pokemon GO:

The first page of six

  • Win Raid: 15 Buckyballs
  • Defeat 3 GO Rocket Grunts: 3 High Doses
  • Catch 1 Shadow Pokémon: 3 Revival
  • Rewards: 10 blueberry rice, 10 blueberry nanab, 10 blueberry nanab

The second page of six

  • Catch 5 Pokemon Shadow: Sun Stone
  • Make 3 beautiful curved ball throws in a row: 15 Great Balls
  • Pick up 10 flying type Pokemon: Doduo
  • Bonus: 1500 XP, 500 Stardust, 10 Mega Pidgeot Energy

Third page of six

  • Purify 5 Shadow Pokémon: 30 MB Pidgut Energy
  • Defeat 5 GO Rocket Grunts: 30 Mega Pidgeot Energy
  • Win 3 candy walks with your friend’s Pokemon: 30 Mega Pidgut Energy
  • Rewards: 2000 EXP, Missile Radar, Meet Bedgot

Fourth page of six

  • Defeat Go Rocket Leader Arlo: 1250 XP
  • Defeat the Go Rocket Leader Cliff: 1250 XP
  • Defeat Go Rocket Leader Sierra: 1250 XP
  • Bonuses: 2,500 XP, 1,000 Stardust, Super Rocket Radar

Fifth page of six

  • Looking for a Go Rocket Head: 5 doses max
  • Fight Go Rocket Boss: 20 Super Balls
  • Defeat Go Rocket Boss: 5 Max Revives
  • Rewards: 3000 XP, Fast TM, Charged TM
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Sixth page of six

  • [AUTO-CLAIM]2000 XP
  • [AUTO-CLAIM]2000 XP
  • [AUTO-CLAIM]2000 XP
  • Rewards: 2 Golden Razz Berries, 2 Silver Pinap Berries, and Premium Battle Pass

Interesting, quote from the official Pokemon GO The blog notes that for the first time ever, the GO Rocket Research team in April 2021 will be a timed search rather than private research. Niantic Publishing:

This month, Giovanni will have Shadow Zapdos in his grip! If you haven’t already, complete GO Rocket Team’s latest research, The Higher They Fly…, to earn the Super Rocket Radar. This will help you track down the GO Rocket Boss team and save Shadow Zapdos! You can also receive Super Rocket Radar from Timed Research which will be available during the first week of April.

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