Galaxy S21: When, where, and how to pre-order the latest Samsung phones

Galaxy S21: When, where, and how to pre-order the latest Samsung phones

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 lineup is now available to order.

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Samsung announced three smartphones on Thursday – The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. All three phones feature new designs, with a new set of cameras with a metal frame on the back and improved camera features. If you choose Ultra Advanced, you can use the S Pen To write or draw on the screen, just like you can on a Samsung Note model (but the stylus won’t come with it).

This year, all three Galaxy S21 models offer the full 5G network, and now you don’t have to choose between a smoother scrolling experience or higher resolution – now you can have both at the same time.

Samsung won’t keep you waiting long to place your order and pick up your phone. Pre-orders are now open, and all three Galaxy S21 models are expected to debut in two weeks, on Friday, January 29.

Below you can find everything you need to know about getting the latest and greatest releases of Samsung.

US Galaxy S2, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra prices

128 GB

256 GB

512 GB

Galaxy S21

$ 799

$ 849


Galaxy S21 Plus

$ 999

$ 1049


Galaxy S21 Ultra

$ 1199 USD

$ 1249

$ 1,399 USD

When can I buy the Galaxy S21?

Pre-orders for all three models are now open. Applications will begin to arrive January 29th.

Are there any offers or gifts if I pre-order the Galaxy S21?

Samsung is giving those who pre-order any of the three Galaxy S21 models for free Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth tracker, along with credit that can be used in the Samsung Store. The balance is either $ 100, $ 150, or $ 200, depending on whether you buy the S21, S21 Plus, or S21 Ultra, respectively.

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First look at the new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus


What colors will the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra come in?

As is usually the case with Samsung, your color options depend on the model.

  • Galaxy S21Phantom Violet, Phantom Gray, Phantom Pink and Phantom White. The 256GB version is only available in the phantom gray.
  • Galaxy S21 Plus: Purple Phantom, Silver Ghost, Black Ghost. The 256GB version is only available in the phantom black.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: Phantom Silver or Black Ghost. The 256GB and 512GB models will only come in phantom black.

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: first look at the new version from Samsung …


How much will it cost me Galaxy S21?

The cost of each phone varies based on storage capacity. Here are the US prices we currently know for each model.

Galaxy S21

Asked: Samsung | Verizon | AT&T | T-Mobile | Walmart | Best buy | Spectrum | Visible | Altice Mobile

Galaxy S21 Plus

  • 128GB: $ 999
  • 256GB: $ 1049

Asked: Samsung | Verizon | AT&T | T-Mobile | Walmart | Best buy | Spectrum | Visible | Altice Mobile

Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • 128GB: $ 1,199
  • 256GB: $ 1,249
  • 512GB: $ 1,399

Asked: Samsung | Verizon | AT&T | T-Mobile | Walmart | Best buy | Spectrum | Visible | Altice Mobile

Samsung makes pre-orders on its website, offering carrier versions along with an unlocked variant. If you order from Samsung, you get $ 100 credit for the Galaxy S21 order, $ 150 for the S21 Plus, or $ 200 for the S21 Ultra. The credit can be used to purchase an item or other accessory for your phone through Samsung. Pre-orders will also receive one of Samsung’s new SmartTag Bluetooth trackers for free.

For a limited time, Samsung is forfeiting up to $ 700 in the cost of any S21 model with a qualified replacement.

The retail giant is taking pre-orders for all three S21 models, however, you’ll need to be a Verizon or AT&T customer (or be willing to switch to any carrier).

You can find nearly every configuration of the S21 range at Best Buy, available for pre-order now. The only model marked as coming soon, so you can’t order it, is the unlocked version for all three S21 models.


Verizon takes pre-orders for all three models, offers the Galaxy S21 Plus free of charge with an eligible trade-in and upon signing up for unlimited “select” plans.

You can pre-order any new models through AT&T. The carrier offers deals ranging from 50% off the new Galaxy Buds Pro to the Galaxy S21 for free with a swap and installment plan.

Pre-order any of T-Mobile’s three Galaxy S21 models. You can get a Galaxy S21 for free with an eligible swap. You are not required to add a line to this deal. There is also a promotion offer to buy one get one.

Pre-orders for Spectrum customers are now open. If you switch to a carrier, you’ll get $ 100 with a qualifying trade deal.

Visible is not pre-orders, but will instead start selling the S21 and S21 Plus on launch day, Jan.29. The prepaid carrier cuts the price of both models slightly, with the S21 starting at $ 792 and the S21 Plus starting at $ 984.

Starting Friday, January 15th, Altice Mobile will begin taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra phones. Customers can get up to $ 200 in Samsung Credit for pre-order.

We’ll be updating this section as retailers and carriers announce pre-order plans.

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