Former WWE Superstar Gabby Toft has appeared as a transgender

Former WWE Superstar Gabby Toft has appeared as a transgender

Former World Wrestling Entertainment star Gabby Taft said she left the house and walked “head high” for the first time on Thursday, after coming out as a transgender.

She cried when you remembered the moment. “I felt very happy,” she told NBC News. “My hair wasn’t in my face, I wasn’t holding my fists and hiding my nails. It just felt absolutely amazing.”

Tuft officially announced the news On social media Thursday. On one of her Instagram photos, she sat next to a photo of her before her move. I wrote in the caption: “That’s me.” “Without shame, I am without shame. This is the side that has hidden in the shadows, afraid and afraid of what the world might think; afraid of what my family, friends and followers might say or do.”

I wrote, “I am no longer afraid, and I am no longer afraid.” “I can now say with confidence, that I love myself for who I am.”

Taft wrestled professionally from 2007 to 2014, and has appeared in WWE shows “Superstars”, “Raw”, “SmackDown” and “WrestleMania”. She retired from wrestling to spend more time with her wife, Priscilla, and their daughter, and started a career as a fitness coach and motivational speaker, according to A. Press release Announcing the exit of Tuft.

But Taft said that behind all of her career successes, her mental health has affected. “The past eight months have been among the darkest months of my entire life,” she wrote in her new post.

“The pain was excruciating,” she told NBC News, adding that she was suffering from suicidal thinking. She said, “I was that person who was always preaching,“ Never mind what people think, be yourself. ”Then when it came my turn, it was much more difficult than I had imagined.

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Eventually, with her wife’s support, the exit process began. The ‘Countdown’ started on Instagram 10 days before its official announcement. Now, she invites her followers on social media to ask questions and promises to be “transparent” about the entire process. With the help of his wife, she also started a podcast about her move called “to her.”

Taft said her process shows that getting out is different for everyone.

She said, “I never want anyone to think that the way I did it was the way everyone should do it.” “I don’t think there’s a plan for this.”

She said she wanted to be open about her transition to help create awareness and understanding. For example, although many transgender people don’t want other people to use their ex-name, also known as their “dead name,” after their appearance, Taft said she wasn’t offended by it. The Press release Announcing her exit includes her former name, Gabby, and her WWE stage name, Tyler Rex.

“The rest of the world is in transition,” she said. “It’s not just me.” “I can’t expect an overnight change from everyone.”

Gabi Tuft.Courtesy of Gabbi Tuft

Taft admits that although her Instagram ad showed a photo of her before her move, this is Not all transgender people Relaxed.

“A lot of people may feel differently about their past,” she said. “They may not embrace the past, because it was too painful for them. But I wanted the world to know that I loved who I am – but I love more than I am today.”

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She said it’s not her job to change people’s opinions, but she hopes that through transparency and sharing her story, people will relate to her and the general acceptance of transgender people will increase.

“All I want to do is create empathy and maybe through empathy, we can gain some understanding, and we can reduce the amount of fear and then slowly make a change,” Toft said. “I think the more connected you are to me, the more able we can create that empathy and build a relationship with the people who watch them so they know that they are not alone.”

Since leaving, she said, she has been surprised by the tremendous amount of support: neighbors knocked on her door to deliver flowers, and she received thousands of messages and comments on social media. She said, “It tells me there is still a lot of love in this world.”

She said she was also surprised at how joyful she was. She said, “I never expected to have a smile from ear to ear during the past 24 hours, but I cannot get the smile off my face.” “It is from the heart, it is from the soul, and I never expected to feel this joy.”

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