Findings and Highlights: Oscar Valdes dominates, Miguel Berchelt of KO

Findings and Highlights: Oscar Valdes dominates, Miguel Berchelt of KO

Oscar Valdes made a big surprise, even as the delayed cash reached him on Fridays and Saturdays, as he toppled Miguel Birchelt violently at the end of Round 10 to win the WBC Junior Lightweight title.

Valdez was not content with eliminating Bereshelt, although he dominated the fight, approaching boxing perfectly from start to finish, providing the best professional performance evident in the biggest fight of his life, and becoming a two-division champion in the process.

Judges had Valdes (29-0, 23 KO) ahead 87-82, 88-81, and 89-80 when he fired a brutal KO shot in the 10th round, just before the bell to finish the frame. Bad Left Hook made it 88-81, too.

Here are the highlights, including the end:

To be clear, Bereshelt definitely got a shot at KO, and was down for a few minutes, but he woke up in a seated position, was communicating, and was taken to the hospital.

As for the fight, Valdez had a perfect plan here, and he pulled it off wonderfully. He was faster, smarter, and faster – he performed amazingly well in this fight, and proved a lot of people wrong, without a doubt.

“There is nothing better in life than proving people wrong. I have a list of people who have questioned me. My idols have questioned me. Valdes said,” Boxing analysts have complained about me. “They said Miguel Birchelt would fire me. But I got a message to tell everyone: Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Always work hard and discipline in life. Try to do your best, be disciplined, and never let anyone tell you that you can’t.” He did something. Prove them wrong. “

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Valdez attributed his team and family to helping him win.

He said, “Training was not easy in a pandemic, but try to pursue your dreams.” “Always train hard, do your best, try to always be number one. Nothing is impossible. My team was a big part of this.”

Whether you’ve been labeled upset or like most of us and thought Bereshelt (37-2, 33 KO) would fight this fight, you can’t do anything but deeply respect what Valdes did here. He was the best guy all night long. He worked with a sharp, sharp, and fast blow, made Bereshelt completely uncomfortable the entire way, was leaner, faster and was the better fighter. interval.

Gabrielle Flores Jr. TKO-6 Jason Velez

Photo by Mickey Williams / Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

The 20-year-old lightweight Flores (20-0, 7 KO) isn’t known for his strength, but he flashed some here in the sixth round, dropping Velez in a temple shot that had him do his faltering leg upon getting him back to his feet.

The fight was basically there, but Park Feliz (29-8-1, 21 ko), got up and threw what he had in Flores. Short-lived, Flores was happy to bite and winger shots with the veteran at that point, knowing that he could hurt him, and that he was already injured. A left hook knocked 32-year-old Velez a second time, and referee Tony Weeks canceled it.

He said he’s doing round after round that Flores might not really dazzle people, but that’s a really solid win for him, both in defeating the tough veteran or in stopping him. Velez has only been suspended twice, in his last two games (the other was Oscar Valdes last summer, Valdes had a tough night), and his resistance may have cracked some, but that’s a good result for the youngster.

“I have sent the statement that I am ready to win a world title,” said Flores. “I hit him and he didn’t know he was being hit, which is why he was injured. Not that I was very strong, but he didn’t see the shot coming. That’s why I hurt him. I could have done that earlier. I was playing with my food. Pops told me I should To press it. To be honest, nothing was happening in those first five rounds. I could feel it. I should have felt it for only two rounds. “

Flores doubled down, saying he was ready for a world title, targeting the WBO belt specifically.

“I am ready for a world title,” he said. “I would like a winner from Jamal Herring and Karl Frampton. Every performance I’ll be better and better. I’m chasing greatness.”

Undercard results

Miguel Berchelt - Oscar Valdes - Fight Knight

Photo by Mickey Williams / Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

  • Esquiva Falcao TKO-4 Artur Akavov: Falcao is 31 years old and won a silver at the 2012 Olympics, and he talks about shooting the title on the occasion he says so much of anything, but he’s spent his entire seven-year career and has done nothing substantive. Akavov (20-4, 9 KO) challenged Falcao’s middleweight belts twice, giving Billie Joe Saunders a tough night in 2016 and not giving Demetrius Andrade a single in 2019, which is by far Falcao’s best competitor (28-0, 20). KO) he has a face.

Perhaps this finding looks more special than it is, although I wouldn’t say it looks Fantastic In any case. It’s a good win. Falcao was leading 39-37 in our unofficial card, and it looked like he might win, but Akafov’s corner halted the fight between rounds four and five with a broken nose, not a broken nose or anything. I’m not saying he’s lying, I’m just saying no one is watching, like, “Oh, man, this guy’s nose is cracked.”

It’d be nice if Falcao fought with a legitimate competitor or something next time. It was time to capture his shot.

  • Elvis Rodriguez UD-8 Luis Alberto Veron: A valuable fight for Rodriguez, and it is also valuable in considering Rodriguez as a candidate. He was a favorite of the “bubble” in the Top Rank in particular, because he delivered knockouts on a distinct reel and looked really strong, big punch at 140. But Veron (18-3-2, 9 KO) was never stopped, never stopped. After being suspended, he scored eight goals complete with Rodriguez (11-0-1, 10 KO) without running into any serious trouble.

Veron had the experience and the wit to make Rodriguez think a lot more than usual, but Rodriguez responded well to not being able to push a man either. He remained patient, worked without panic at any time, winning the rounds instead of making big mistakes and aggression. He took what he could get from Veron, and he didn’t dictate what wouldn’t be there. When Veron got tired of some, Rodriguez landed some more, and he worked to get there.

“I think I had a lot of really good experience.” Rodriguez said through Bernardo Osuna’s translation: “In every fight you get something different, and for this fight, I think the experience of running the rounds really helped me.” I needed to let my hand go a little more. . When I did, I managed to harm him. But I think it was a great experience. It was never stopped, I knew it was going to be a challenge. “

  • Xander Zias UD-6 James Martin: Now 18, Zayas (7-0, 5 KO) was signed by Top Rank at 16, debuted at 17, a possibility they really like a lot, and I think the first part clarifies it. After hitting COVID, he kept busy last fall with two fights in Florida on the All Star Boxing Cards, but he made his debut in Vegas with this card, winning all six rounds against Philly’s Martin (6-2, 0 KO), who didn’t threaten Really by winning the fight, but they proved to be an important test Martin was able to get past the fourth round for the first time, go some distance with him, and give him some looks. Martin is a second-generation fighter – his father is Jerry “Taurus” Martin, who went 25-7 from 1976 to 1984 and fought twice for the WBC Light Heavyweight title – and he showed some skills and craftsmanship, giving the youngster a useful chance to fight.
  • Javier Martinez TKO-1 Billy Wagner: I had seen Wagner (3-2, 1 KO) before, when he fought potential Matchroom Alexis Espino in 2019. He took some good shots in that fight, flipped, going four rounds. Martinez (3-0, 1 KO) pounded him here, scoring a controlled knockout and then ending Wagner with a series of shots against the ropes, forcing the referee to intervene. Wagner had his complaint, but no, it was over, only the thing he had to do from there was injured. Martinez, one of the nation’s preeminent amateurs, is 25 years old and still a middleweight early in his professional career, not a big blue chip guy, but an average weight of 6’1 ​​inches with a good base of skills , He could be moving a little faster at some point if his team decides he’s clicked and is ready to start condensing some of them.
  • Omar Rosario KO-2 Uriel Villanueva: A kind of test for young fighters, Rosario (3-0, 1 KO) definitely looked like the fighter likely to pick up, as the 23-year-old Puerto Rican beat Villanueva (1-1, 0 KO), a 21-year-old Mexican American , With a pair of body knockdowns in a second. Villanueva tried to keep fighting since the first knockout, but Rosario returned to the body and scored the knockout.

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