Find out about the three potential clients in a presentation show, Mets is back for Stephen Matz

Find out about the three potential clients in a presentation show, Mets is back for Stephen Matz

There are three possibilities for pitching the right hand Mets earned Wednesday night From the Toronto Blue Jays team to footman Stephen Matz, two have actually appeared in the big companies.

Here’s a summary of each of the three players Mets could use to increase regulatory depth in 2021:

Sean Reed Foley, 25

Formulated: 2014, second round

Coming through the Blue Jays as staging captain, Reid-Foley scored 13 major league matches in 2018-19 with 4.71 ERAs. He’s been doing better in five matches outside of the Toronto fold in 2020, allowing one to win three times in 6 2/3 innings (1.35 ERRs), albeit with as many walk-as-strokes (six each). According to, he mostly shoots fast four-stitch balls (63 percent) and skaters (41 percent), averaging 94.4 mph and tops at 96.8 mph.

Josh Winkowski Forgets Diaz Sean Red Foley
Josh Winkowski Forgets Diaz Sean Red Foley
Getty Images (2); AP

Forgeti Diaz, 24

Signature: Free Agent International, 2014

Diaz reached the highest ranked player among the trio, being listed at number 26 in Toronto in 2020, according to MLB Pipeline. He made his league debut with Team Jays with one relaxed appearance in August 2019, allowing him the two runs gained in the two-thirds of the half against the Baltimore Orioles. Dominican-born Diaz went 11-9 with 3.74 ERA in 144 rounds with 116 strikes in 26 matches (24 starts) for Double-A New Hampshire in 2019.

Josh Winkowski, 22

Prepared: Fifteenth Round, 2016

Winckowski is ranked one less than Diaz (27) on’s list of Toronto’s prospects in 2020, but a Florida native appears to be the furthest from promoting Mets. Winckowski hasn’t thrown the ball over A since being recruited out of high school, although he scored a 3.35 ERA with 237 strikes over the course of 263 rounds over the course of four seasons of the minor league. Winckowski went from 10 to 8 with 2.69 p.m. over 127 1/3 co-roles for Single-A Dunedin and Single-A Lansing in 2019.

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