Everything we know about the Pixel 5a from Android 12 Preview

Everything we know about the Pixel 5a from Android 12 Preview

As we steadily approach the middle of this year, Rumors started circulating About the next Google Pixel phone, which is supposed to be “Pixel 5a”. Here’s what we learned about the next Google phone from Android 12 Preview releases.

Android Developer Preview and beta releases have always been a source of information about what is coming next for Google’s Pixel phones, from upcoming models to the upcoming quarterly Pixel Feature Drop features. As you’d expect, the Android 12 Developer Preview releases were no different, offering a slew of new details, including some tidbits about the next Pixel phones, like the Pixel 5a.

Here, we’ve gathered some small news about the next Pixel phone as it was discovered by the Android 12 Developer Preview, and we’ll keep this space updated as more details emerge.

Google Pixel 5a

Right after the bat, the biggest news out of the Android 12 developer preview period is that the upcoming mid-year phone from Google will already be called “Pixel 5a”. The information is coming from popular Google Camera modifier and members of the Android community Stark 27 (Erosion Mishaal Rahman) And verified by our Dylan Russell.

Pixel 5a: GR0M2
Pixel 4a (5G): G025I
Pixel 5: GTT9Q8

The nickname “Pixel 5a” has always been guessed at, and even so Mentioned in one point Almost a year ago in the Android Open Source Project. This new mention in the Android 12 Developer Preview gives us renewed confidence in the Google brand for the next Pixel device.

Model number

Besides confirming the name “Pixel 5a”, the same source provides the device model number, “GR0M2”. Depending on what we can determine, this will be the “international” model number of the Pixel 5a – not the number we’ll see on the boxes in the US – as it appears alongside two other international model numbers.

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As a side note for this model number, not directly related to Android 12, it was detected Posted by Mukul Sharma That Pixel 5a model number GR0M2 was recently done through the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a similar regulatory agency to the US Federal Communications Commission. This approval brings the Pixel 5a closer to the version. For comparison, the Pixel 4a received BIS approval nearly two months before it arrived in the US and four months before it launched in India.

Symbol name

While the Leaked internal document Last year we reported that the Pixel 5a was referred to by the codename “Barbette”. In the first release of the Android 12 Developer Preview, Dylan Roussel discovered that the correct codename was “Barbet”. Notably, unlike “barbette”, “barbet” is a The type of fishWhich fits best with the theme of Pixel icon names.

This corrected Pixel 5a codename has since confirmed it APK Insight Team verification of Google Camera version 8.2.

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