Europe is moving towards a tougher US stance towards Russia and China

Europe is moving towards a tougher US stance towards Russia and China

BRUSSELS – The European Union will impose new sanctions on Russian officials Imprisonment of opposition Leader Alexei Navalny is planning to discuss measures to challenge Beijing regarding her Repression in Hong KongThis indicates a shift in the bloc’s position on the two countries towards the United States.

Diplomats said a handful of Russian officials will be subjected to an asset freeze and travel ban over the Navalny case. The sanctions are expected to be completed in March and will be the first use of a new European Union human rights sanctions framework, similar to the US Magnitsky Act.

European Union foreign ministers and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken held two-hour talks on Monday, to discuss the Biden administration’s goal to work closely with European allies on challenges including the rise of China and the Iran nuclear deal.

European Union officials, while stressing the independence of their foreign policy, have shown signs of bias toward the United States on sensitive issues since President Biden took office. The EU’s secret paper on Hong Kong, circulated last week and reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, calls for greater cooperation with the United States and other allies in pressuring China.

Fast support for sanctions against Russia was built in the aftermath Tense trip to Moscow By Joseph Borrell, European Union foreign policy chief. “It is clear that Russia is on the path of confrontation with the European Union,” said Mr. Borrell on Monday before the meeting.

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