Elon Musk reveals why the SN10 exploded

Mariella Moon

For a short time after the landing of SpaceX’s SN10 Starship, the prototype appeared to have made its test flight unscathed. The car exploded on its landing pad about a minute later, creating an inferno as massive as its own Loans I did. Now, Elon Musk I showed What’s wrong with replies sent to followers on Twitter. The head of SpaceX said the SN10 engine was likely low in thrust due to “partial ingestion of helium from [the] Fuel head tank “and that the effect crushes the rocket’s legs and part of its skirt. SpaceX is now working on multiple fixes to the problem so it doesn’t affect the SN10’s successor, the SN11, anymore.

Chris Bergin NASA satellite He tweeted that the problem was “tough,” given that the helium ingestion was due to the pressure system added to the CH4 tank to prevent a cause The SN8 spacecraft blast. Musk said this was a “fair point”, and he agreed to the change because he looked good at the time.

The Starship from SpaceX is a heavy lift launch vehicle being developed to transport human cargo and passengers into Earth orbit and beyond. The SN10 explosion won’t slow the company’s testing efforts – in fact, it just happened recently Rolled The SN11 prototype was transferred to its Boca Chica facility to begin preparing for its fourth high-altitude test launch.

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