Elbit Systems was awarded a contract worth $ 82 million for NL Security Systems

Elbit Systems was awarded a contract worth $ 82 million for NL Security Systems
Elbit Systems On Sunday it announced that it had secured a contract worth approximately $ 82 million from BAE Systems Hägglunds to supply the Royal Dutch Army (RNLA) with Active Protection Systems (APS) and Photoelectric Commander. The contract will be executed over a period of four years. Elbit Systems said it is under contract terms and as part. From the BAE-led modernization program, Elbit will equip the CV90 of RNLA’s armored fighting vehicles with Iron Fist APS and Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sights (COAPS). In a press release.
Iron Fist is a lightweight system that uses optical sensors, tracking radars, launchers, and counter-threat munitions at a safe distance, with minimal residue penetration. COAPS is a standard 2-axis stabilized sight that facilitates calculation of fire control and long-range target acquisition in day and night for both stationary and moving situations. The company “is pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with and support BAE Systems Hägglunds,” said Yehuda Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems, that on Sunday he also secured a contract worth approximately $ 46 million to supply VBTP 6X6 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) to the army of a country in the Asia-Pacific region. Elbit said it will supply the VBTP 6X6 Armored Personnel Carriers that were developed by Iveco Defense Vehicles in cooperation with the Brazilian Army, and the VBTP 6X6 APCs will be equipped with Elbit towers and a set of subsystems for the company, including electric drive and stabilization systems, fire control systems and management systems. Battlefield TORCH-XTM and E Elbit said: -LynXTM software-defined radio systems, gunner and commander sights, as well as life support systems. Elbit welcomes the ongoing cooperation with Iveco, “especially with our ability to contribute to the export effort for Brazilian “We believe that our robust suite of subsystems puts us advantageously to lead the armored vehicle procurement program, especially as the tasks assigned to them are becoming increasingly more diverse and interdependent,” said Vered.

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