Ed Illusion Project, 2.0: Wide receiver ignored the Giants in the first round

Ed Illusion Project, 2.0: Wide receiver ignored the Giants in the first round

Time for my second multiple rounds New York Giants Fictitious project. Every time I do that I even get to 2021 NFL Project I am committed to presenting a different scenario for you to consider and discuss.

This week, I previously set a “no trades” bill. I’ve also decided previously that I want to put in a scenario that sees Giants exceed the receiver at # 11. After using the Pro Football Network simulator last week, I used the Draft Network emulator this time.

This is what I came up with.

Round 1 (No. 11) – Mika Parsons, LB, Pennsylvania

If I think of a wide receiver here, DeVonta Smith is one of what I would consider the Big 4 to have left. To be honest, I would probably take Parsons in this place, anyway.

The inner or outer full back is not among the analyzes that will tell you that it is of prime value. However, it is not difficult to understand that Parsons is a formidable talent that can be distinguished in the NFL. The kid can do whatever you want the full-back to do outside the ball. Plus, in my view, this kid could start full-time on the edge as a 3-4 year back and excel in the role. I wouldn’t have any trouble with the Giants, if they recruited him, and played him on the edge. Honestly, he might be the best standing defender in the draft category.

Here’s what Pro Football Focus writes in its draft guide:

“There aren’t many full-backs in college football history who can count on their true second-year bar and they still are likely to be the top 10. This is how Parsons was special in 2019. He got the kind of size and skill set that could make him. The first Edge Rush was drafted if he wanted to switch to this mode. Parsons destroys blocks and ball carriers. He had the second highest defense score we have ever played in 2019 (94.8) while also the third highest tackling score in the country (90.0) though. We haven’t seen much of him in one-on-one coverage, so I’m not overly concerned about the sport he shows in space. “

Outside breadboard: T Kyle Bates, W.R. Jaymar Chase, W.R Gayleen Waddle, OL Rushon Slater, CB Patrick Sertin II, CB Caleb Farley

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The other players considered: W.R. DeVonta Smith, Edge Kwity Paye

Round Two (No. 43) – Rondelle Moore, WWR, Bordeaux

I’ll be on top here – this is a choice that I’m sensitive to. It’s a problem, if I’m in charge and that’s the actual draft, I’m having a hard time doing it because we’re sitting here over two months away from the real deal. I did, though, because I thought this was a good place to pick a receiver – and because I wanted to have the opportunity to open up a discussion about Moore.

There are these in the draft community, and Seemingly in the NFL, Who ranked Moore ahead of Alabama’s Gailin Waddle. Based on what the 5-foot-9, 180-pound Moore can do once he gets the ball in his hands, get it. The man is a tremendous talent.

The problem for me is that the guy hasn’t been in good health two years ago, only making it to the field for seven games. The best ability is availability, and my belief has always been that players with a history of collective injury don’t suddenly become players you can count on in 16-game seasons consistently. The crunch is longer, the physique increases, and the players are bigger and stronger.

The other players considered: OJ White Davis, OC Landon Dickerson, W.R. Nico Collins, Edge Jason O’E, T.E. Pat Fermouth, W.R. Nico Collins, Edge Joe Tryon, and D.Carlos Basham

Round Three (No. 75) – Quincy Roche, Edge, Miami

Sorry. This child is one of my dear ones. I can’t get myself to give it up here. There are good arguments for many other players / positions here. Also, if Parsons have been used at least for some time on the edge, this choice might be redundant.

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The other players considered: OG Deonta Brown, OT Jackson Carman, CB Paulson Adebo, WR Tylan Wallace, WR Amari Rodgers, DL Osa Odighizuwa

Round 4 (No. 116) – Sage Surat, WWR, Wake Forest

We don’t yet know what the Giants will be able to do in free agency. Having picked Moore who is 5-9 and 180lbs, I still wanted to find a large and contested goal for Daniel Jones. I went back and forth for some time between Surratt and Seth Williams from Auburn. For me, any of the guys. Good value here.

The other players considered: W.R. Seth Williams, CB Ambry Thomas

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