Eagles News: Carson Wentz Market is “Quiet”

Eagles News: Carson Wentz Market is "Quiet"

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As Eagles slow down on the Carson Wentz trade, patience for the bears is running out –
The Eagles remain steady on the price they ask for Carson Wentz, and the market has cooled. A person familiar with the negotiations with the Eagles – who has been granted anonymity in order to be able to speak freely about an impending deal – told NJ Advance Media that potential business partners have remained “disciplined” in the negotiations, unprepared to fulfill the Eagles’ demands. Another person familiar with the negotiations told NJ Advance Media on Tuesday, “They don’t want to give up (Wentz) for much less than (Matthew Stafford).” The Detroit Lions Sent Stafford to Los Angeles Rams In exchange for the draft of the first round of Ramez in 2022 and 2023, the choice of the third round in 2021, and the middle one is Jared Gove. The Indianapolis Colts They requested additional compensation – a player, two players, or selectors – along with Wentz in order to approach the Eagles’ demands, according to a third person familiar with the negotiations, who was also granted anonymity. That person said another player he hadn’t revealed had grown up in the discussions.

The Eagles are rapidly losing leverage in an effort to trade Carson Wentz – PFT
Two years ago, the Eagles came up with the idea that they would mark Nick Falls and trade him. When they realized that no one would trade in the franchise-branded Nick Falls. The eagles didn’t name him. In this case, common sense indicates that the Eagles will eventually take what they can get in exchange for the Wentz. At the moment, Al Nisour has one clear suitor. Unless someone joins the ponies at the table, the Eagles will trade with Wentz on terms only the ponies will offer. Or the eagles will keep it. And they will live with the consequences of allocating that kind of money to a man who does not want to be there. For Falls, he could still end up in Philly. Even if the bears don’t trade for Wentz, they will likely try to move Foles. In the end, don’t be shocked if the Eagles ship Wentz to Indy, and bring Folis back to Philadelphia for the third time.

Opinion: What went wrong with Wentz – BGN
So why do I even write about this? Who cares why Carson backed off if he were to trade anyway? Well, as far as Carson is to blame for his implosion, the front office has played its part in this as well. Howie Roseman’s ludicrous comment, “The Center Factory” is a darker indication that the jobs of these young people are nothing more than “assets” that can be developed and potentially traded for a better return. The Eagles emphasized emotional intelligence in their coach when they hired Doug and forgot to think if they needed it in their general manager. But they may have learned their lesson. Perhaps they look back at Carson’s slow mental breakdown and realize that there are red flags they missed and that they need to look for them in the future. Maybe when they go ahead with Jalen Hurts (or Justin Fields?) They’ll take additional steps to diminish the role they could play in the potential psychological breakdown of the franchise mid-back. Maybe they’ll do things differently next time. But I doubt it.

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Debriefing Out Day # 23: SB LV Champion Ronald Jones + Carson Wentz Rumors – SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera (Niners Nation) and Brandon Lee Gowton (Bleeding Green Nation) joined Pirates Ronald Jones! Additionally, we dive into the latest rumors related to Eagles’ QB Carson Wentz. Was Antoine Winfield Jr.was right to cast demons into Terek Hill’s face? Has Jones heard any nonsense talk between Brady and Teran Matthew? Will he guarantee the pirate tournament next season? RIP to Marty Schottenheimer, one of the most underrated NFL coaches. Carson Wentz versus Field of Available QBs. Patrick Mahomes operated on his toe.

Report: Colts are the Eagles’ “only clear suit” Carson Wintz – as Philadelphia is “losing leverage” – blue scramble
As noted, this does not mean that Wentz will not eventually become a Colt, but it will be much more of the Indianapolis special terms than the ridiculous reported ask price currently being traded in the rumor mill in the league. At this point, the Eagles will have to either keep Wentz in an awkward place with the big money owed to him – including a $ 10 million outstanding reward due on the third day of the new league year, when neither side wants to continue the strained relationship any longer – or Philly might have to give in to Colts’ frugal trade offer to finally push ahead. It’s a competitive tug of war, but the Colts currently wield all the clout.

What hinders Wentz trading? Windy City Gridiron
The longer this, the less the Eagles’ impact, because Wentz deserves a listing bonus in mid-March. There is a big show on Likley now, but Philly is waiting for more. All insiders believe that Wentz’s trading is still inevitable so at this point it’s all about which team will give up first. All things close together, the Eagles might want to send Wintz to the AFC, so the bears may need to make sure there’s no doubt in what they’re up to if they really believe Wintz is their best choice in midfield.

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Ranking of the eight NFL teams to finish last in terms of their chances of going from worst to first in 2021 – PFF
The second surprise came in the form of Carson falling out of Grace. Wentz has struggled to rise to the level of his near-best campaign in 2017 in later seasons, but he is still considered a mid-range option in both 2018 and 2019. However, in 2020, Wentz opened the year with three scores below the 60.0 PFF straight and put the ball consistently in the way. Harm. Despite only 12 games started, Wentz’s 24 games were the most significant in the NFL. All signs now point to an end in Philadelphia.

The Carson Wentz dealership can be considered one of the greatest single mistakes in sports history, and some people just don’t understand it – Inquirer
Herein lies the crux of the matter. Even if it all went completely for the Eagles, it would be nothing short of a farce. Geoffrey Lowry could spend the rest of his life beating Scrooge McDuck through a vault of first-round picks and would still be the guy who oversaw the worst and most embarrassing chapters in his foundation’s history. Wentz could retire from football with a zero-rated midfielder, and his legacy still sees him first as the unintentional whistleblower who exposed the depths of the Eagles’ dysfunction.

The Ringer’s Way-Too-Early 2021 NFL Power Rankings – The Ringer
25. Philadelphia Eagles. I’ll just assume the Eagles trade with Carson Wentz at some point during the next few weeks or months, and that Galen Horts takes over the presumptive initiator position. This should help the team’s attack become more dynamic, but Philly has plenty of other issues to fix. The Eagles are currently expected to be worth $ 49 million above the cap next year (second worst) and they may head towards some major cleansing of rosters and a rebuilding season under new coach Nick Siriani.

Eagles Free Primer: “Yes” or “No” to 25 Eagles and 9 goals to watch – Athletic
Derek Barnett (25) – Wolf: Yes. The Eagles exercised the $ 10.05 million Barnett option, but it’s not guaranteed and they can’t afford it with that roof number in 2021. They’ll likely simply release it and wipe the entire amount off their roof. But the rebuilding squad could not part with one of the very few young experienced players. I expect the Eagles to sign with Barnett to extend the rear-load which reduces its success in 2020 and ensures an average annual value increase of three or four seasons. Berman: Yes: It doesn’t make any sense to bring Barnett back at the option price for the fifth year, but they should give him an extension lowering his 2021 cap number. He turns 25 in June and is one of the few potential building blocks on the list. However, evaluation remains the big question.

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Midfielders measure: Justin Fields – Rotorworld
Justin Fields’ target area diagram shows a passerby who didn’t need talented throws for him. Only 13.39% of his throws were in or behind the melee line, which could have been less than every midfielder in 2020 except for Joe Boro. Fields replaced those free throws behind the line of melee with the standard fast-game concepts from the rifle. In fact, a 21.73% goal rate in the fields for the 6-10 yard district is higher than all of the 2020 QB, coming in about six percentage points higher than last year’s semester average. The bumps, braids, and ramps – all timing-based routes in the 6–10 yard area that want to be thrown straight from the top of the drop-down – are in Fields wheelhouse as a sharp, subtle walkway. While being a big lane to that area isn’t necessarily exciting, it is encouraging to see a crime giving freedom to QB to throw these concepts instead of easier low-ceiling screens and RPOs (scroll options), especially when the target field rates for each section exceeding 10 yards are On average, approx. He wasn’t really smiling at stronger throws; He’s been throwing out fewer, easier concepts in the game’s handbook. The other notable number here is the stark field drop rate. At just over 5%, fields have dealt with stark declines of nearly 2% from a rate higher than the average last year. His 5.28% clip was worse than anyone in last year’s class alongside Jacob Eason, whose receivers in Washington have been notoriously downtrodden. To be clear, this is Ohio State Obviously, receiving Corps was better than Team Washington and was open often, but Fields was putting nearly every throw on the money and his teammates were more than the regular QB.

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