Eagles Launches WR DeSean Jackson

Eagles Launches WR DeSean Jackson

The last two seasons shouldn’t rule out what Jackson brought to the table in his first six seasons as an eagle. Thrilling talent with natural ball catching abilities, incredible speed, and deep pass tracking skills like just a few receivers in the game, Jackson was an integral part of the Eagles’ attack from jumping. He earned 62 passes for 910 yards and a pair of scores as a rookie, adding on Punt’s return to relegation that first season. In 2009, Jackson made his first of three Pro Balls as an eagle, taking 62 passes for 1156 yards and nine touchdowns, and adding another pair of steps upon throwing back, averaging 15.2 yards per return. He scored at least one goal in five consecutive matches, the second longest streak in the franchise’s history in that category.

Jackson’s 65-yard comeback in the game’s last play to beat the Giants in 2010 was, of course, one of the greatest plays in the history of the franchise – the play was the first in NFL history to end with a gambling return for a winning landing and he won an award ESPY for Best Game of the Year – and it showed his penchant for the drama and danger that Jackson posed every time the ball was in his hands.

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