Eagle News: The PFF says the Carson Wintz trade is not worth the risk

Eagle News: The PFF says the Carson Wintz trade is not worth the risk

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Monson: QB Carson Wentz isn’t worth the adventure – PFF
That’s the biggest problem with taking on the rebuilding project, Carson Wentz. His playing in terms of stable metrics and data points was actually very consistent throughout his career, although they had a downturn in 2020. His play in 2017 didn’t just represent a major deviation from the rest of his NFL play; It was a season built on capturing lightning in a bottle for that season. Wentz actually had a bunch of hot cards at the poker table in 2017, and while he took full advantage of that and played well his hand, you can’t count on that happening in the future. Anyone looking to acquire Wentz should appreciate that 2017 is not a realistic ceiling for them, and the player you get will likely look a lot more like the ones we saw during the 2016, 2018, and 2019 seasons – good, but not great. He scored 75.0 in those seasons, which would have ranked first in the bottom half of the league in 2020, a record year for offensive production. To continue the poker analogy, I wouldn’t push all of my chips into the middle of the table if Wentz had my hand. Payoff just isn’t there.

NFL Draft Mailbag: Take the midfielder early or stay with Jalen Hurts? LIVA (BGN)
In my view, Jalen Hurts has a future as the NFL Midfielder. While the junior season has seen its ups and downs, there was a lot to encourage. The big sale for me, and most likely to the vultures, is the intangible sale of Galen Horts. He is clearly liked by the team and clearly in the way the offense responded during his start. Pains never seemed to be afraid of obstacles to start: whether it was his mistakes, the mistakes of his colleagues, or the pressure of defense. That’s huge for a young player like Hurts. Hurts’ arm strength is widely seen as the limit to the NFL roof. While these concerns are true, there are also a lot of ways the pain can beat a middle arm in the NFL. Hurts is an intelligent trans with limited errors returning to college. Becoming efficient, fast and accurate with the ball is a clear path for Hurts to win the NFL as a midfielder. Add to this his present athletic nature and great demeanor and you will have yourself a great player.

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Why do Eagles take so long to trade Carson Wentz? – The Inquirer
Bottom line, league sources suspect Rosman has been offered a first-round pick of any kind for Wentz, this year or in the future. Withdrawal from the Wentz trade is the only mitigation Rosman can get from the disaster of having to deal with the 28-year-old QB whom he chose as the future of the franchise, watched the play for three years, then earned a $ 128 million extension of his contract. If Rosman walks out with a midway pick this year and a conditional second or something on the road, he has seriously spoiled his legacy and may deepen the gap that the 4-11-1 Eagles have to break out of, in terms of talent acquisition.

Why Eagles shouldn’t wait long to trade Carson Wentz – NBCSP
Wentz clearly prefers to leave the Eagles – multiple league sources confirmed this to NBC Sports Philadelphia this week – and when the midfielder wants the franchise, you have to agree to that request. If this wasn’t a fixable situation before, a week of rumors and public trade reports wouldn’t make it happen. The Eagles need to pull out first aid and move forward as an organization. Aside from the $ 10 million player list bonus owed to Wentz on the third day of the new league year (March 19), there are plenty of other reasons for Wentz to trade before the Eagles go to training camp this summer.

What if the bears didn’t trade for Wentz? Windy City Gridiron
We are now a full week since the commercial rumors involved Chicago Bears He made a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for middle debut Carson Wentz, and while everything was quiet on the Chicago side, there was a lot coming from the East Coast. Few media personalities in Philadelphia have shared anecdotes about the trade from “sources” about the NFL, but the general consensus is that Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman is only trying to mislead some extra interest in Wentz. Presumably, bears and ponies were still in the race, but neither team had an offer the Eagles were willing to accept. There have already been rumors of Colts’ interest in the other midfielders, most notably Sam Darnold and Matt Ryan, although the Ryan rumor is quickly dropped, Colts GM Chris Ballard isn’t just waiting for Wentz. So should GM’s Bears Ryan Pace sit on its hands and wait for Rosman to exit, or should he turn to some of the other players rumored to be in the trade bloc.

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QB Index: 59 Base Rankings at the start of the 2020 NFL Season –
23) Galen Hurts-Bhanbury: Galen Horts sparks a spark for a lifeless Eagle crime by taking charge of Carson Wentz at Week 14, but the rookie’s four beginnings were far from perfect. Combine his prolific potential, however, with a 2021 salary that equates to 3.4 percent of Wentz’s size, and it is not surprising that the fledgling Nick Sirianni system chose to stick to Year Two as the team’s start to next season. […] 35) Carson Wentz-Blair: Wentz is just one member of a (worryingly large) crowd of young midfielders teetering on the edge of a precipice, but his fall may be among the worst, given the heights the former MVP has dropped from. Without delving into the messy business of blame, Wentz’s 2020 decline should haunt not just the Eagles but any NFL decision maker tasked with protecting the development of a talented signal connected.

Decisions, Decisions … Decisions – The Washington Soccer 2021 Free Agents team – Hogs Haven
Ronald Darby-Darby, just 27, played well in Del Rio’s defense last year. The biggest hurdle I got rid of was staying healthy all season. As we’ve seen and seen in the past, when he can maintain his health, he’s a player! I was offering him a three-year deal worth between $ 8-10 million a year.

The Dallas Cowboys should be totally interested in JJ Watt – Blogging The Boys
The NFL season is not yet a full week old, and things have really begun. The midfielders seem to be on the move like never before in the coming months (maybe even before then), but many players will need to make standardized adjustments for them when they change teams as well. While a road separation was expected, Friday morning it was officially announced that scrolling superstar JJ Watt will be elsewhere in 2021. Houston Texas release him. Watt is the greatest player in Texas history and he made an extraordinary amount of goodwill to the City of Houston throughout his contract with the club. To get into soccer, Watt is now a free proxy. Yes, the cowboys should be interested.

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Mel Kipper: Daniel Jones is better than all QB in draft 2021 alongside Trevor Lawrence – Big Blue View
“I think Daniel Jones is the best midfielder in this draft out of everyone except Trevor Lawrence,” said Kipper. “Zach Wilson would be the closest to him and then Justin Fields. But I would say that Daniel Jones in this draft would be the second midfield player behind Trevor Lawrence. After his exit from Duke, he would have become the second highest midfield player in the classification.” [BLG Note: Lol.]

Football Cheat Sheet # 23: Bucky Brooks + 2020 Fantasy Takeaways by NFL Network – SB Nation NFL Presentation
Rob “Stats” Guerrera (Niners Nation) and Kate Magdziuk (DK Nation) give you some quick points for big pictures from 2020 Fantasy football Season, as well as Bucky Brooks in the positions that include Russell Wilson, Deshawn Watson, and Dak Prescott. Is the RB back, and what do we do about it? Are we close to seeing a boom in WR mode? Can you still win without turning on QB? Brooks on why Russell Wilson needs to be told Seahawks What he really seeks.

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