Duckworth urges Biden to fire the Postal Services Board entirely

Duckworth urges Biden to fire the Postal Services Board entirely

it’s a. Tammy DuckworthLada (Tami) Tami Duckworth, Democrats present a resolution condemning white supremacists ahead of Trump’s trial. For transgender Americans, Biden’s order is just the start of an overnight defense: Austin takes over the presidency of the Pentagon | Briefing on COVID-19 Part of Day One’s Agenda | Anger at photos of National Guard troops in the parking garage more (D-Ill.) Friday urged President Biden to replace every member of the Board of Governors for the United States Postal Services (USPS).

In a letter, Duckworth He specifically cited “The last and dismal failure of command at the head of the USPS,” under Postmaster General Louis DeguyLouis DeJoy The Hill Morning Report – submitted by TikTok – goes the first day to the Democrats as the fumes from the Republican party at Trump’s attorney spreads the mail service profits after an increase in holiday deliveries, Trump’s attorney sued him for “ repeated claims ” to vote Via mature scam mail moreAnd it is one of the Republican Party fundraising campaign that came under fire last year after it implemented system-wide cost-cutting measures in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

“These incoherent and hastily enacted policy changes immediately led to widespread delays in delivery and the backlog of mail and parcels at the system level,” the Illinois senator wrote Friday.

“Such bottlenecks put individuals such as veterans and the elderly at risk of not receiving life-saving prescriptions on time; Specified.

DeJoy has repeatedly been criticized by Democrats for his decisions in 2020, although the Postal Service has been credited with handling mail polling well during the 2020 election amid concerns that such a rise in voting could lead to significant delays in people getting Ballot papers.

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But during the Christmas season, the postal service struggled to cope with an increase in parcel delivery, which led to long delays.

Biden has faced repeated calls for changes to the board, which currently consists of six ex-appointees President TrumpCapitol Police issue a vote of no confidence in leaders Graham’s post-election call with Georgia’s Secretary of State will be investigated: Report Trump told McCarthy that rioters are “ upset with the election more than you ”: Report More, Including two Democrats.

Duckworth then cited the October report in which the Inspector General’s Postal Service decided that DeJoy quickly implemented the changes and reported [them] Primarily orally, it “created confusion across operations within the USPS system” and no study was undertaken that measured the impact of operational changes.

“These failures cannot be justified at any point, but especially in the midst of the pandemic and the presidential election year as Americans increasingly need to use ballot papers in the mail,” Duckworth said. “It will take a tremendous amount of work to rebuild trust for this vital institution, and while Americans still celebrate the local messaging company, they still have concerns about the individuals leading this agency.”

The senator argued that “there must be accountability for this failure of leadership,” and thus Biden called for “the entire USPS Board of Governors to be replaced immediately.”

The Democratic senator added: “I believe that taking this step will begin to serve the public and rebuild a strong, effective and sustainable USPS for future generations.”

On Tuesday, Ron Bloom, a former Obama administration official, Elected president Board of Governors for Postal Services.

Blum, a Trump-appointed Democrat who has been on the Postal Administration since 2019, said after his election that he would work with fellow governors and DeJoy on a 10-year plan to revitalize the agency.

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