DuckTales NES prototype reveals the unused song

DuckTales NES prototype reveals the unused song

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It’s no secret that Capcom DuckTales For the Nintendo Entertainment System, it’s a bona fide classic, especially set in the Video game music. But since it is a NES game, it has about ten fast tracks to enjoy. However, the prototype currently running is expanding the final soundtrack with another song (I suppose) by original composer Hiroshige Tonomura.

this is Ducktales build, which according to The Cutting Room Floor from February 5, 1989, is our first insight into the popular platform development process so far. (The final game was released on September 15, 1989). As such, it has many essentials (such as red diamonds, treasure values, HP packaging, and final level names). You can read all about those things On the TCRF wiki; What I am specifically excited about is the new music on the stage setting screen:

It definitely has a different character Original theme of the map. Where is the path that made it in official DuckTales The version is more ambiguous and repetitive, and the model song is upbeat and adventurous the way you’d expect from a children’s cartoon-based game. I really like the subtle bass that drives everything too.

Whereas, let’s be honest, the song isn’t immediately iconic like The path that is played during the moon phaseIt’s always nice to have a little more idea of ​​how to make a video game, especially one that’s based on music DuckTales. Nothing tells us why the developers prefer Final Ranking over this newly discovered treasure, but I am glad that people like TCRF are out there cataloging these finds.

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