Draymond Green: André Drummond’s “Bulls – t” Abused Amid Trade Rumors | Bleacher report

Golden State Warriors striker Draymond Green (23) against Minnesota Timberwolves during the NBA basketball match in San Francisco, Wednesday January 27, 2021 (AP Photo / Jeff Chiu)

Geoff Chiu / Associated Press

Golden State Warriors star Diamond Green The double standard in how players are treated when they request a trade is invoked compared to when the team decides to sit a player indefinitely while waiting for their trade, as it is now with Cleveland Cavaliers André Drummond Center.

KRON’s Jason Dumas made Green’s full comments from Monday Night, in which he described Drummond’s condition as “T-bulls”:

At ESPN Adrian, Gnarowski, and Brian Windhurst It was reported Monday that the Cavs decided to go ahead with Jarrett Allen as a full-time starting position and didn’t feel it was fair for Drummond to play for limited minutes, so the decision was made to ban him until a deal was found.

Green indicated how acceptable it is, but when the player likes it James Harden He wants to leave and the team initially disagrees with the decision, the player is expected to appear in every training and play every match or become the object of intense ridicule.

Harden missed the boot camp start with Houston Rockets Before it was finally traded with Brooklyn Networks In mid-January as part of a blockbuster Four Bands.

CAVS coach GB Pickerstaff described the decision to seat Drummond as “the best of all”.

“Obviously none of us wants to get there,” Bikerstaff Reporters. I think you can let Dre speak for himself, but we had a good relationship. He loved it here in Cleveland. So it was not something that was easily identified. We clearly felt the same way about Dre.

Allen’s arrival at the Cavaliers, which had come as part of Harden’s trade, was a major rip off by Drummond’s presence. Something had to be introduced, and now Cleveland has decided to go ahead with a new starting position.

The biggest problem is that NBA The deadline for trading is not until March 25, so Drummond may spend up to six weeks waiting if a deal is not found quickly.

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