Dexter Fowler finally comes out of St. Louis – he’s traded with angels

Dexter Fowler finally comes out of St. Louis - he's traded with angels

Whether or not it actually ends up affecting NL Central is just huge news: We no longer have to feel a bit weird about rooting with or against old friend Dexter Fowler. It is no longer a cardinal!

Fowler has traded with his old manager, Joe Madon, and the Angels:

Fowler, aged 35 in March, is in the final year of his big contract with the Cardinals after leaving the Cubs, a move that didn’t really work for the Cardinal or the Cubs. In the past few years, Fowler has transitioned to a part-time defender with a below-average bat and an agreeable defense. But he is still undoubtedly a bright spot at the club, he is still having a good base in 2019, and is probably improving Inclusive External mix on angels. If nothing else, he might give them more cover to allow young adult Joe Adele more time at AAA.

I wonder if this move, which will clear some of the salary for the Cardinals (although I suppose they eat some as well), precedes another addition. The It is rumored that the Cardinals will be in the beginning (pricey) Jake Odorizzi. Update on that – Sure, Cardinals eat a lot of paycheck:

This isn’t a lot of savings for cardinals, which makes you wonder, again, if there is a very specific need that he will soon fill in with $ 1.75 million (plus the rest in the budget).

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For now, though, I’ll be glad Dexter Fowler has finally walked out of St. Louis.

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