Deshawn Watson wouldn’t object to many teams, would the dolphins prefer to land him?

Deshawn Watson wouldn't object to many teams, would the dolphins prefer to land him?

The Deshawn Watson The saga will likely take at least several other twists and turns before it is finally resolved, and we have two new updates to pass. Texas they are They still insist that there are no plans To trade the middle star, but that didn’t stop Teams to try.

When / if the Texans finally acquiesce in Watson’s trade request, he has some leverage in the form of a no-trade clause that could prevent him from getting a deal somewhere he doesn’t want him. But Watson’s main priority appears to be getting out of Houston, and he will not be picky about a new destination. “Let me be very clear about this: I think Deshawn Watson would be open about where he’s trading. I don’t think he’s going to veto too many teams.’s Adam Shifter said recently, he wants to go anywhere else.” Is Texas Barry Jackson and Adam Beasley from the Miami Herald.

This makes it look different Matthew Stafford, Who reportedly wanted to go play Sean McVay and the Rams, Watson would be happy to be anywhere else. There was a report last week that Watson prefers airplanes to dolphins, but he’s clearly not feeling all of it strongly about them. This can definitely make smoothing the deal a lot easier. Additionally, it appears that dolphins may be a favorite to land in Despite their recent commitment to me Toa Tagophilowa.

Jackson and Paisley wrote that “the feeling among power brokers in the league at the Senior Ball this week” is that “Miami is the most likely destination for Watson.” Moving forward, a source told them, “Miami is seen as the number one behind the scenes.” Dolphins have a boatload of experimental capital and also a young quarterback player who can trade, although there are some reports that Houstonians may not be interested in Taguviloa.

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If Texas doesn’t want Tua, Jackson and Beasley to float up in a scenario where it chooses a Dolphins pack with a shutdown corner Zavian Howard, Which they write “is expected to ask for a deal” if he doesn’t get it The new decade he seeks. There are a lot of moving parts here, and we should know more soon, so be sure to check back.

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