Deshaun Watson Suitor Clearing Cap Space is rumored for Texans Star

Deshaun Watson Suitor Clearing Cap Space is rumored for Texans Star

The Carolina Panthers team has made a bunch of near-petty deals over the past two days. Don’t you know, this comes It is rumored that they are a The main suitor For Dishon Watson.

On Friday, Panthers slashed three players – Tree Boston, Michael Balardi, and Stephen Weatherly – to increase their hat space to $ 28.5 million. Then on Saturday, They reportedly restructured Matt Paradis, which has created over $ 4 million in additional space.

And the According to David Newton of ESPN, The leopards made the moves in an attempt to clear the cap and dead money.

He then went on to report this: “The Panthers, according to the source, are planning a hard tour in central Houston Deshawn Watson if Texas grants the former Clemson star his willingness to trade.”

Now, Texas hasn’t fully committed to the Watson trade yet, so it might end up proving unnecessary in some way. However, if Houston decides one day they are ready to trade with the midfielder, chances are the Panthers will want them to be ready to make a move right away.

However, the expectation is that Watson may not move For a while while Texans have been trying to raise the price.

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