David Peterson defended the Doran Mets case early on

David Peterson defended the Doran Mets case early on

Port St. Lucy – David Peterson should be considered the favorite for fifth place in the Mets rotation based on his strong rookie season, but every spring camp needs a job competition.

On Thursday, the Left Handers took a strong first step in claiming the job by pitching two outdoor gorries in a Mets Gallery 8-4 win over the Nationals at Clover Park. Peterson allowed a single blow in a 26-court outing as well as Kyle Schwarber crushed in the first half.

“It’s nice to get in the camp and face the players and all that, but once you start getting into matches and facing guys in a different shirt, that’s when the fun begins,” said Peterson. “I felt good about what I did today.”

An afterthought when he started spring training last year – he had never jumped over Double-A Binghamton – Peterson’s stock at summer camp skyrocketed. he becomes Necessary component for circulation After Noah Sendergaard underwent surgery on Tommy John and Marcus Straumann tore a calf at summer camp before eventually withdrawing from the season.

Peterson, the organization’s first choice in the 2017 draft, thanked Team Mets for the opportunity by going 6-2 with 3.44 ERA and 1.208 WHIP in 10 team appearances. But that wasn’t enough to give him a job coming to spring training.

David Peterson hopes to win a place in the Mets tournament
David Peterson hopes to win a place in the Mets tournament.
Corey Sepkin

“We have to watch out for recent events, so what happens now must take into account the final decision,” said coach Luis Rojas. “Obviously, we are taking into account what happened last year, knowing that the experience and the feeling are there, everything is there. But what we see now knowing that we have depth with the men in the camp, we know that we can have a little competition.”

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That competition includes another leftist, Joy Lucchesi, who has arrived in a three-way trade with Padres and the pirates. Jordan Yamamoto, another player with much experience in the league, He arrived in trade With Marlins.

All of them are fighting for a spot behind Jacob DeGrom, Strowman, Carlos Carrasco and Tiguan Walker. Hope Mets Syndergaard He could return in June from a sanatorium To provide another high-octane arm.

“I came and had a meeting with Lowe, and he brought it up to me and said he wanted to see me compete,” said Peterson. “I told him that I was ready to go into the camp and fight for a place, and that was the goal. I want to help the team win every five days, and this is what I came to do, so this is what I focus on.”

Peterson, Lucci and Yamamoto are equal in the sense that they have minor league options available. There is also the possibility that Rojas will use a spinning introductory tool to get ahead of the cast.

Rojas admits there is “great value” in having left-handers spinning, but also notes that Lucchesi fits that description. But Rojas loved what he saw from Peterson on this initial start.

Rojas said, “There were a couple of pitches close together that he didn’t enter in the first half, but he wrestled with them.” “That was a good outing for him, to go out and punch.”

Peterson’s challenge will be to work on areas of improvement while not losing sight of job competition.

“I focus more on where I can get better, where I can get better, rather than messing around with things,” said Peterson. “At the end of the day, when I go there and play a match, it’s about competing and getting players out and doing my job, and that’s the mindset that I brought to camp.”

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