‘Danger! He has a new host schedule after Alex Trebek’s death

'Danger!  He has a new host schedule after Alex Trebek's death

The “Jeopardy!” Game lineup New hosts is so long, it can use its own category now.

The producers of the feature-length show announced on Wednesday that Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers, Bill Whitaker, and Mayim Bialik will The hosts serve as the guests this season, To replace Alex Trebek, Who died in November at the age of 80 from pancreatic cancer.

Couric, 64, She will be the first female To honor the platform as a host, note the harmonic presentation. Rodgers, 37 Announce a guest host gig Tuesday, Trebek called one of his “idols”.

Executive Producer Mike Richards said, “Alex was a legend, we all reverence her.” “I would like to thank our guest hosts, who will not only help us all celebrate his great legacy, but also add their own special touch to the show.”

Ken Jennings, record holder for longest “Jeopardy!” Winning streak, As the first host Since the death of Trebeek. Trebek last episode It was filmed 10 days before his death and aired on Friday, January 8th.

Richards himself will also host two weeks of shows once the episodes filmed by Jennings are over so guest hosts can “get ready for their debut.”

In addition to screen time in the game show, guest hosts will also help raise money for their favorite charities.

“As part of each guest appearance, a donation will be made to a charity of their choice,” a press release said. “The donated amount will equal the cumulative winnings of contestants who compete during the weeks they are serving as a guest host.”

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According to a press release, additional hosts will be announced later in the season.

A permanent replacement for Trebek, who has hosted the show for more than 8,200 episodes since 1984. However, was never officially announced by Jennings. He is rumored to be the favoritein between Several other candidates including George Stephanopoulos. Even Jennings, 46, went further Apologies for “insensitive” past tweetsWhich many believed was a strategy to clear his name. Trebek has reportedly made several of his own suggestions behind the scenes, although he was largely conservative about naming a potential successor.

Jennings, who hosted Sentimental show on Monday After Trebek’s last episodeHe said he got very valuable advice before Alex’s death.

“I actually spoke to him on the phone the weekend he went by and he was – he was weak but he was still Alex a lot,” Jennings He said in “Good Morning America.” “I remember he was very confident of me being a guest host if he ever needed to.”

Trebek also mentioned that “the host is not the star of” The Jeopardy! “

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