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Daft Bank Breakup |  pitchfork

Bastard assholeThe Parisian duo responsible for some of the most popular dance and pop songs ever, split. They launched the news with an 8-minute video, “Epilogue,” excerpted from their 2006 movie Electrum. When asked if Daft Punk was no longer around, longtime publicist Katherine Frazier confirmed the news for Pitchfork but did not state a reason for the breakup.

Thomas Bangalter And the Jay Manuel de Homem Cristo Founded Daft Punk in Paris in 1993, it helped define the French touch style of house music. Their debut album, 1997 Homework, Was a dance music teacher, featuring classic singles “Around the World” and “Da Funk”. By the release of its follow-up, DiscoveryIn 2001, the duo made a public appearance in the robot apparel that became their trademark. The singles “One More Time” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” cemented their role as world stars. Their imprint on the popular imagination continued to deepen in later years, with recordings including their third album The human being after allLP lives Alive 2007, And the Tron: a legacy Audio track album.

Twenty years into their careers, Daft Punk exploded again with “Be lucky, The lead single for their 2013 album RAM. The song everywhere has sold millions of copies worldwide and won two Grammy Awards for the duo and guests Nile Rodgers And the Pharrell Williams; One followLeave yourself to dance“Which also featured Farrell, and he’s got a few more awards.” When you know how the magic trick works, it is. And therefore Frustrated, “said Bangalter Pitchfork at a 2013 cover story. “We focus on the illusion because letting go of how to do it instantly closes the feeling of excitement and innocence.”

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The album earned Daft Punk three more Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year. In its year of release, they were also recorded in co-production on several tracks from Kanye West‘s Essa, Including the awesome “On Sight” opening trio,Skinheads blackheads,” And the “I am a god. “They will continue to cooperate with The Weeknd In the 2016 single “Starboy“Daftbank’s first Billboard Singles chart – plus a second result,”I feel it is coming. “

Their huge influence on pop culture goes beyond the individual. Their visual identity, interstellar mystery, and the spirit of party music have inspired generations of artists of various genres. LCD audio systemThe breakaway single, “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House,” captured the duo’s paradoxical embodiment of cool hipster music even as the singles dominated the airwaves. They fired several batches of Incredible holiday goods. They were sampled by R&B greats Janet Jackson And the Jasmine Sullivan, Mocked her A man who loves family life And the Super GirlsAnd celebrate it art Galleries around the world. Watch the farewell video below.

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