Crows edge bills; The saints were expelled by Bucs

Crows edge bills;  The saints were expelled by Bucs

Baltimore Ravens 30, Buffalo Bills 28

This is the best game of the week because of Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, two quarterback players backed up with two slates ready to win the Super Bowl now.

Although the recency bias may have played a role here, my slight preemption goes to the crows because the Bills defense that has emerged On the Wild Card Tour It looked a lot like Biles’ defense from the first half of the season. The Bills have given up over 200 galloping yards twice this year and seven times since Sean McDermott took the reins. Indianapolis had a chance to win last week as the Buffalo defense was overshadowed by a precipitating attack that reached the outside at crucial moments.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore defense has reached its peak. The Ravens won’t be able to give in to fight Allen like they did late last regular season, but even a handful of negative plays and two turns would be enough in a game that is unlikely to feature many defensive pauses. Buffalo’s rush is unlikely to bother Jackson, putting great pressure on midfielders Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milan to constantly save the day.

  1. Josh Allen will have more passes than Lamar Jackson. I love Jackson, but Allen had more than 1,000 yards of him in the regular season. Allen’s legs were also an important factor in the qualifiers, Like last week.
  2. The total points scored in the game will be over 50.5. A strange number, it should be close to 56. The big attack beats good defense in 2021.

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