Covid: Captain Sir Tom Moore was a ‘beacon of light and hope’

Covid: Captain Sir Tom Moore was a 'beacon of light and hope'

Captain Sir Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram Moore – with whom he lived in his later years – recalls her “magical” childhood – and how, much later, with a young family of her own, “urged you to move in.”

“We were very happy when I agreed – two different lives are merging now,” she says.

She adds that her father’s relationship with her two children was a “constant reminder of how lucky we are to be a father” – as he bonded with his grandchildren.

Hannah says it has become the family’s “solid foundation”, chopping wood, mowing lawn, tending to dogs, boxes, green house, and cooking lunch every Sunday.

“We felt your love and we know that you felt our love for you.”

“In recent years, we have become accustomed to fine mixing and scraping in your tire,” she recalls.

“We never imagined what the last year of your life would be

“Who would have thought our little family’s gesture would be what it did?

We couldn’t believe it.

“We are so proud of the way you handled everything that happened … the world has become mesmerized by your spirit of hope, positivity and resilience.

“We lost a large part of our family – we have five now numbering four. We feel your loss in deafening silence.”

“Your loss is a boring physical pain, but the power of love you leave allows us to stay strong.

“Thank you for all the special times we shared, our relationship cannot be broken by death – you will always be with me.”

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