Colts Michael Bateman Jr. does not concede # 11 to Carson Wentz

Colts Michael Bateman Jr. does not concede # 11 to Carson Wentz

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Carson Wentz She wore number 11 in North Dakota. He wore it in his five seasons with vultures too.

But it is clear that he will have to pick a new number with Colts in 2021.

Indianapolis has a wide reception Michael Bateman Son wore # 11 as a rookie in 2020 and isn’t planning to ditch him in 2021 telling TMZ Sports,I’m number 11And I don’t think any deal will be done. “

But it seems that there are no hard feelings between the wide receiver and the new QB.

“I have spoken with [Carson] And Bateman said he was just seeing how locked I was in eleventh place, and I told him I was locked up – and he’d say, “That’s cool, brother, because I’m probably going to turn anyway.” “He asked me respectfully and I just appreciate him for that. I think he’s a great guy, because a lot of men of his stature, they come and ask for things like that.”

Bateman earned 40 passes over 503 yards with a touchdown in 13 games during the junior season. He added that he is looking forward to joining Wentz to start the passes from the new quarterback for his team.

The trade that sends Wentz from Philadelphia to Indianapolis will be official at the start of the New League Year on March 17.

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