Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence announces plans to announce the NFL 2021 draft

Clemson's Trevor Lawrence announces plans to announce the NFL 2021 draft

Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence He ended months of speculation about his future when he released a video on Wednesday officially announcing his decision to enter 2021 NFL The draft later this year.

College juniors shared a video on Twitter officially announcing the end of his time with Clemson tigers To announce the draft after his college career came to a heartbreaking end with a loss against Ohio State At Sugar Bowl on New Years Day.

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“I really feel like a man now and I’m ready to take on those challenges,” Lawrence said in the ad. “Very excited about the life ahead. I’m grateful to Clemson and I’ll miss her.”

The initial plan to get into this season was to end his college career as a junior and announce the draft, but the 6ft 6ft long-haired midfielder appears to be pumping the brakes so quickly as the winner at the time. New York Jets He became the first candidate in the general selection.

When Jets’ luck rolls around – luck depends on who you ask – then the Jacksonville Jaguars Boost your # 1 choice by finishing it with a 15-1 score. Lawrence will announce shortly after.

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Lawrence said in his advertisement: “Looking back, I hope my legacy at Clemson is that I was a great teammate and a great person in general. More than just football, more than the way every game is played, just how I dealt with people.”

“I want this to be the main thing I’ve been famous for and feel like for the past three years, this is the thing that I’ve kept as a priority, just treating people well and being a good person. So I hope that’s my legacy when I leave here.”

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Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Lawrence attended high school in Georgia, where he played soccer before committing to Clemson in 2016 as a five-star recruiter.

It took him four matches as a freshman in 2018 before becoming a primary midfielder and never surrendering to the center – except for two he missed this season after testing positive for COVID-19.

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Lawrence led the Tigers to the national title in 2018, and power-breaking Alabama 44-16 as a 347-yard throw and three touchdowns to complete the 15-0 season. He tried to win consecutive titles the following season but lost 42-25 to LSU.

“I learned a lot about myself about who I want to be, just all of those things,” Lawrence continued.

Lawrence finished with 10,098 yards, passing by 90 downs and 17 interceptions. This year, he completed his career best 69.1% of his throws en route to winning the ACC Player of the Year award.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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