Check out the original Thunderhawk Gunship, the most ridiculous Warhammer 40K model

Check out the original Thunderhawk Gunship, the most ridiculous Warhammer 40K model

Games Workshop gets a lot of grief over the cost of their work Love Hammer 40,000 Tabletop miniatures game. Few would argue that its models aren’t among the most elaborate and ambitious ones on the market today, but there was a time when even Games Workshop went a little overboard. I’m talking about the legendary Thunderhawk Gunship, among the most expensive Warhammer models ever created.

I’ve been following YouTubers Emil “Squidmar” Nystrom For a few years now, he’s gathering tips and inspiration Draw miniatures. He was able to locate and purchase one of the original Thunderhawk Gunship prototypes. Only 500 or so were produced for sale in 1997, and each cost $ 649.99. Adjusted for inflation of around $ 1050.

Why are they so gallon? This was a time before all-plastic miniatures were the norm, and the entire model was made of metal. The model plus its box weighs over 22 lbs. There are 204 pieces, and the contacts are completely flat. Putting it all together with super glue seems like a nightmare … but he’ll give it a whirl, and share the results with his fans.

Photo: Games Workshop

Nyström has been teasing the project for a while now, but on Thursday he dropped an appropriate video of opening the box. Check this out for a tour of some true Backgammon history. And if you like your own Thunderhawk, know that it is still for sale on the Forge World website. The new sculpture is completely made of resin and will hold you back $ 735.

Warhammer 40000 is now in file Ninth edition And the Good saleThanks in part to the new high-profile collection packed into the boxes and Mobile application. There is, too A new line of paints This makes getting your armies to detonate much easier than ever. Finally, there is also a mini version of the game called Warhammer 40.000: Kill the team. With it, you only need a few models and some landscapes to get started in the gloomy darkness of the far future.

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Warhammer: 40,000 Kill Team Starter Collection

Prices taken at time of publication.

A smaller, skirmish version of Warhammer 40,000 is no less bleak or darker than the Full Backgammon version. This kit also comes with a premium quality terrain boat load.

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