Can a cardboard box run a Doom II? Yeah

Can a cardboard box run a Doom II?  Yeah

If the device has a processor inside, there’s a good chance someone will try to hack it to get working the death. Nintendo game and watch it? Naturally. MacBook Pro touch bar? Certainly. Calculators? why not. Now, thanks to the YouTube channel Toys made of cardboard, We can finally add “cardboard boxes” to that shiny list.

Well, technically, Bill Thorpe didn’t do the impossible and pull off the classic first-person shooter The second death Playable on real carton box. But the 10-minute video is the next best thing. Recreates many of the game’s best moments using cartoon combos, characters, and weapons. It’s a huge project that the video description says took nine months of work to complete.

Models are one thing, but perhaps the most impressive thing is the video special effects. Enemies sometimes bleed real liquid onto their cardboard surroundings, or explode in real flames and burn to a crisp. At some point, the head of one of the tiny enemies explodes, revealing a tiny cardboard skull inside. A native The second death Even programmer John Romero makes an impressive look.

Unfortunately, Thorpe appears to be planning it The second death Cardboard entertainment would be the last. In a video It was released last September, The YouTuber said he’s hoping to come out on top after putting in a lot of work on the project. Fortunately, you can find an important back catalog of other classic games recreated in cardboard On his channel, Along with a bunch of videos related to his making The second death Entertainment.

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