Bungie changes weekly Destiny 2 rewards, canceling the Scarlet Days of the next season

Bungie changes weekly Destiny 2 rewards, canceling the Scarlet Days of the next season

Bungie is making a number of changes to Destiny 2 starting in its upcoming season, tweaking how to get rid of content and how it will earn rewards upon logging in. Starting with the next content season, Bungie gets rid of its weekly bonus system that requires players to log in and complete certain goals within a week in order to claim certain rewards, including premium currency.

Last This week on Bungie’s Blog How Destiny 2 will change is decreasing starting with the next content season, which begins Feb.9. Currently, players can log in every week and receive weekly rewards from various in-game vendors, which reward XP and Bright Dust Destiny 2 tokens, upon completion. You only have a week to knock out these rewards once you get them, and if you want to increase your XP winnings (which control your rise to the rewards in Destiny 2 Season Pass) and Bright Dust winnings, then you need to play every week.

Bungie is changing this system to a new one called Seasonal Challenges. New challenges unlock every week during the first ten weeks of the new season, giving players goals to chase through a variety of activities. However, instead of expiring each week, challenges accumulate and last through the season’s end, so you can skip a week or two (or more) while continuing to come back into the game and earn your rewards.

We previously heard about how Bungie changed his seasonal activities this year to reduce “FOMO,” or fear of getting lost, among players who might quit the game and return after long periods. In the past two years, Destiny 2’s seasonal model has added new activities to the game every few months, but these activities will only continue in the game until the start of the next season. This year ends, when new events kick off with each new season, but they won’t be removed from the game when a new season ends – at least, not until the next expansion is released in November.

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Season bonus changes also aim to combat FOMO and make it easier for players who are unable to log in each week. Bungie also said that the Seasonal Challenge model aims to give players who only have one character in Destiny 2 an equal footing as those who have three. Seasonal Challenges cover all characters in the account, so you won’t need to log in with each of the three characters every week to complete the same rewards to earn the full rewards.

While seasonal challenges will continue throughout the season and some will remain available as long as the corresponding seasonal activities are still in the game, you should still claim your challenges before the end of a specific content season. So you won’t be able to gain experience or bright dust from previous season’s challenges once you start a new season.

While the seasonal activities will continue in the long term, at least one thing will not return this year; It’s Crimson Days, the Valentine’s Day holiday event in Destiny 2. The event usually features a special Doubles Crucible mode, in which two-player teams play each other, plus some Valentine’s Day-themed rewards. Bungie wrote that the quality of Crimson Days has not been up to its standards in recent years, so the holiday event is going to “Content Vault” for now.

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