Buckingham Palace statement on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveals tensions

Buckingham Palace statement on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveals tensions

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It’s a story that’s become very familiar when it comes to the Royal Family and the Sussexes – a tale of two pianists. Since then Harry and Megan They released their explosive announcement on January 8, 2020 They were performing a new progressive role within the monarchy, and the world watched Buckingham Palace rush out to issue a completely different message, it was revealed how this family was not always on the same page. And yesterday Another announcement was made With regard to the roles and future of Sussex, we have once again seen much of what is highly personal exposed on (and between) the lines of formal communication of the palace.

The latest statement from Buckingham Palace was not surprising in many ways. It was expected – in fact, it is already spelled out on the first page of the daily Mail-Which Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be able to keep Official royal patronage If they no longer work in the royal family. Which door was Left open When they turned away from the royal life at the end of last March, they were closing down more slowly as they progressed with their new business plans. It was hard to see a way in which Harry could keep his honorary military appointments without an official role in the royal family, although it was also clear that he wanted so desperately. The Sussex had long hoped that they would be half income and half out, but, as the Queen wrote to them, this is simply “not possible.”

But what makes the Buckingham Palace statement on the matter remarkable is that it includes details such as the fact that the Queen wrote to them. Rather than sticking to the bare minimum of facts (which minors do frequently in many matters), it flows, by accident or on purpose, beyond the formalities of information about philanthropists to something more obvious. And the separate message from Sussex, sent around the same time, is read instinctively like a “response” that is devoid of extreme tensions.

Some might view the line in the Buckingham Palace letter describing the “responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service” as unnecessary – rather, indicating an ideology of what it means to be a working king. The decision to include a final sentence about the family’s “grief” and Harry and Meghan remaining “very much loved” is a moving reminder of just how deep this professional decision is.

It is not clear if Harry and Meghan know the wording to be used in the Buckingham Palace statement before they agree on what their comment from the spokesperson would be. But, in either case, it is hard not to discover the note of challenge in their decision to sign the words: “We can all lead a life of service. Service is global.” One assumes that the definition of service is in the interest of the public and is not an attempt by Harry to teach His grandmother to suck eggs.

What Harry and Meghan made clear in their statement, by saying that they offered their “ongoing support” to the organizations, is that they want to keep the returned sites. You don’t have to be an expert to conclude that this is going to be difficult for Harry. He chose his freedom, but the handover of his honorary military appointments was a heavy price to be paid.

We might find out more about how he feels about it after Sussex Sit with Oprah In a 90-minute interview that will be broadcast on March 7. They aren’t the first members of the royal family to give lengthy television interviews, but the Queen has not. Instead, she adheres to the motto “Never complain, never explain” and do not detail her thoughts or opinions. You will of course continue in this context, but with palace statements like this, we are not completely left in the dark.

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