Buckingham Palace makes the first statement since meeting Harry and Meghan

Buckingham Palace makes the first statement since meeting Harry and Meghan

Buckingham Palace on Tuesday released its first statement since Prince Harry and Meghan shocking interview With Oprah Winfrey. “The whole family is sad to see the full extent of how difficult the past few years have been for Harry and Meghan,” Queen Elizabeth says in this book.

The statement added, “The issues raised, particularly those related to race, are of concern.” “While some memories may differ, they are taken very seriously and will be taken up by the family in private. Harry, Megan and Archie will always be very much loved members of the family.”

While the interview aired in the US on Sunday, it was not broadcast until Monday evening in Britain. On Monday, the official Instagram account Prince Charles and his wife Camilla used it, showed him a visit to a vaccine site for the National Health Service in Britain and indicated his work with a black church organization to encourage vaccinations.

Among the surprising discoveries in the interview, Megan said there had been “several conversations” between the royal family about “how dark” their child’s complexion was. Oprah confirmed to CBS This Morning that Harry had said the talks Not involved Queen Elizabeth or her husband Prince Philip.

Megan and Harry also revealed what appeared to be other feuds within the family. Megan denounced the attempt at change Royal Protocols That automatically granted the king’s descendants a nickname, starting with their son, Archie. While their son is the queen’s grandson, he is the grandson of the next king, Charles.

“Even with that agreement I’m talking about – when I was pregnant, they said they want to change the agreement for Archie. Well, why?” Megan said. She said she did not get an answer.

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Megan also revealed that the story reported in the tabloids that she made her sister-in-law, Catherine, cry in a quarrel over flower girl dresses for her wedding was actually the “opposite” – as in, Catherine made Megan cry. She said that Catherine later apologized and sent her flowers and a note.

Meanwhile, Harry said he was “disappointed” with his father and that while he loves his brother William “to bits and pieces”, they walk “different paths”.

Harry Description of an incident Last year, when the Queen suddenly canceled an invitation for the couple to visit her, he blamed the palace staff.

He said, “When you are the president of the company, there are people around you who give you advice.” “And what really made me sad was that some of this advice was really bad.”

Roya Nakhah, Royal Correspondent for The Sunday Times, In an interview with CBS This Morning on Tuesday The interview was “definitely a crisis” for the British monarchy.

“That interview, and I’ve watched it twice now, asked more questions than answers,” she said.

According to Nhakah, the interview “proves deeply divisive” for the British.

“I just saw the results of a survey just released here, which shows that a lot of young people here actually support Harry and Meghan in giving that interview,” she said. “The elderly are standing firmly behind the monarchy now.”

Although Harry and Meghan praised Queen Elizabeth in the interview, Harry also told Oprah that he and Meghan had been invited to stay with the Queen at her home in Sandringham. However, when they arrived in London, his secretary informs Harry that the Queen’s schedule is full, according to her personal assistant.

Elizabeth Elkind contributed to this report.

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