Brown’s coaches test positive for COVID-19 before the end against the Steelers, Cleveland shuts down the team’s facility

Brown's coaches test positive for COVID-19 before the end against the Steelers, Cleveland shuts down the team's facility

The COVID-19 pandemic escalates, and while the NFL has found ways to keep its regular season alive to what the conclusion will be on Sunday – the qualifiers will start immediately thereafter – it has not been able to escape the influence of the novel coronavirus as it rides roughly across the nation and the world at large. . On Saturday, after a week of the major players testing positive and then being disqualified, it was discovered Cleveland Browns They were forced to adapt again in 2020 because of it.

While preparing to win a must against Pittsburgh Steelers At week 17, they will be frustrated in my soccer mind, as one of their coaches reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 – the team announced – resulting in their facilities being closed for the time being. It is unclear who achieved the positive test result, but both forward coach Bill Callaghan and assistant forward coach Scott Peters have been sacked.

Ryan Cordell, assistant offensive coach, will be temporarily promoted for Sunday.

These are the losses Brown cannot afford, and especially Callahan, because absences add a handicap for Browns in a game they cannot afford. After losing to dreary New York Jets At Week 16, Brown must now beat the Steelers to win a playoff place. They will have a benefit Face reserve quarterback Mason Rudolph and not Ben Roethlisberger, The latter is given a rest after winning the North Asia title, and there are two scenarios in which he could lose Cleveland and continue playing with a 10-6 record.

The first will be it Indianapolis Colts Lose to Jacksonville Jaguars, And the other is a bit more complicated, as it takes Tennessee Titans To lose Houston Texas, And both Baltimore crows And the Miami Dolphin To defeat Cincinnati Bengals And the Buffalo billsRespectively. And while the Bengals team was infected with a Positive COVID-19 Test That Will Sideline Mike Daniels’ Nasal Treatment BeginnerAnd, and while the Bills have nothing to gain in the seeding by coming up with everything against the Dolphins, the simpler scenario remains the best for Browns: defeating the Steelers.

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And depending on how the chips fall on Sunday, the two may meet again soon and with much at stake. But for now, Brown is on the job hoping to soon reopen their facilities so they can return to work sometime on Saturday, not simply hypothetically. This is not the first time the team has contracted COVID-19, but they hope it will be the last.

Their loss of aircraft was largely driven by the absence of every large-scale staging post due to COVID-19, as a matter of reference.

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