Brandon Ingram slams LeBron James for praising Zion Williamson

Lakers star LeBron James and Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram

What’s the problem with LeBron James“Former teammates talking as if they had never played with him?

First, guarding networks Keri Irving – Who played LeBron in the Cavaliers – he said Kevin Durant forward His teammate was confident to take clutch shots.

Now, the swans forward Brandon Ingram – who played LeBron on the Lakers – commended praise Zion Williamson.


I’ve never played with a player as talented as me. It is a talent of a generation.

Ingram Very talented. Williamson has a more positive trend.

But LeBron is clearly more than just hanging on to the conversation.

So, what gives?

Ingram may be bitter. LeBron He did not exactly treat his young mates wonderfully In Los Angeles. LeBron didn’t just push Ingram for months Anthony Davis Trade rumors, LeBron too Trespass Ingram’s ability to play his game. The Lakers were clearly right to prioritize LeBron and Davis over Ingram. But this does not mean that Ingram does not resent him.

Or maybe Ingram didn’t quite choose its words. He just played 37 minutes in New Orleans’ victory over the Pistons last night. He wanted to pay tribute to his teammate. Maybe embellished anagram without a second thought.

Either way, this is slight LeBron’s.

But intention matters.

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