BMW designers don’t mind if you don’t like their new looks

BMW designers don't mind if you don't like their new looks

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It’s no secret that BMW’s latest design has not been well received everywhere, and the company has responded to criticism in unspecified and outrageous ways. There are many cars that can be described as visually polarizing, yet BMW’s constant defense of itself Shrugging off critics as “baby boomers” Although many of her clients are actually baby boomers, it was a weird and wonderful drama to watch unfold on social media.

In his most recent defense, he spoke to BMW design directors, Adrian Van Hooydonk and Domagogue Dukek maximum speed Trying to minimize the backlash, but also to welcome it at the same time. To be honest, there’s nothing clearly wrong with most of what Van Hooydonk and Docic have to say here. Much falls into the “you can’t please everyone ¯ _ (ツ) _ /” area.

Honestly, if you were on their site, what else could you really say? Especially when “Yeah, we kind of made a mess of it, right?” Not really an option.

However, the rationale presented by Dukec is not particularly convincing, as it is based on this indefinite and indefinite desire to ‘differentiate’.

“You can create something beautiful, and we also have beautiful cars. But there are some customers, if you want to reach them, you have to stand out. You have to make something that isn’t included; maybe not as an everyday car or an everyday product, but that’s exactly why.”

Sure, differentiation seems like a challenge when you create a bunch of indistinguishable crossovers in marginally different sizes, and then push them into a market populated by your competitors’ offerings with similar organization. But you don’t necessarily have to shock or disappoint most of your audience to be remembered, especially when you have a rich heritage of beautiful, high-performance cars that were generally beloved. Heel turns is completely self-motivating and not easy to understand, at least on the outside.

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Dukec continues my loss further with his following comment about the 4 Series in particular, the car that has received the most pejorative part:

“Not all of our products get the same critics,” Ducic said. “You can see that in something like a fourth category kidney, 20 percent of people like it. It suits the type of clients we’re targeting.”

This comes down to dividing the percentage of how BMW sees its customers, and categorizes them with demographic signs like “creative people” and “expressive performers” – you know, real marketing stuff. But I can’t see the 20 percent approval percentage as a win in any dimension. I think the implication here is that BMW is looking to try a very special type of customer who wants to be seen as edgy, bold and interesting, one whose confidence stems from having a huge schnoz at the front of their luxury sedan. I can’t help but read an air of excel here as well. If you don’t “understand” it, you are not “elegant” or “expressive” enough is being BMW.

Between all of that and the negative insults thrown at her most avid fans of Twitter, every time someone at BMW opens their mouth about design these days it seems like they’re just digging themselves deeper. I really hate to be That man Who comments sadly on how everything previously was so much better, and I have really come up with something positive to say about the front treatment in the new 4 and 7 Series, or the iX – but I just can’t find it.

BMW has never been an attention brand before which is what makes all of this so weird. Anyway, she seems to be very interested in this today, and thanks to the company’s designers, she definitely found ways to stand out. Van Hooydonk reflects on the hype with a positive spin:

“It’s really cool [if you have fans]. This means you have people who not only buy your products but love what you do. Of course, if they like what you do then once you change it, they might get in trouble with it.

Remember: no matter what people say, they’re just frustrated with you just because they love you. This is something I think we can all benefit from.

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