Blizzard’s Diablo II Remaster will backup your old files

Blizzard's Diablo II Remaster will backup your old files

Blizzard declared last month Diablo II: The Resurrection. It is a remastered version of the base game and Lord of Destruction, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch and many other platforms this year. If you are a returning gamer, you might be interested in knowing that you will actually be able to use what you saved from the original game on PC.

Talking to IGNIn, gaming producer Matthew Cederquist explained how support for saving files that is more than two decades old was not originally planned. The team just tried it and it so happened that it worked.

“Back when we were working [the remaster]We asked if the old archives would work, pushed them in, and it worked. And we were like, “Well that’s the best feature ever.” “

Although it has not been mentioned whether this feature will work even with console versions of the game, the remaster does support crossed progression. So in theory, you should be able to download the old PC save file in the PC version and then access it on the console platform of your choice.

Even if you don’t have the original archives, technically this means you can start settling on a character of your choice in the original PC version (It is available on Battle.Net), Since remaster is the same game that features new sound and graphics, and some other changes such as improved user interface, expanded storage and revamped ladder seasons.

Can you still access your saved old Diablo II files? Will you revive your old buildings? Leave a comment below.

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