Blaine Jabbert could be a potential successor to Tom Brady in Tampa

Blaine Jabbert could be a potential successor to Tom Brady in Tampa

Tom Brady plans to play at least another year in Tampa Bay, and judging by his Super Bowl comments, maybe even longer. Someday – this decade is likely – pirates will need to name a successor to the greatest quarterback of all time.

Bucs general manager Jason Leicht thinks Blaine Gabbert, the Brady backup in 2020, may be a candidate to eventually take over TB12 as the job.

“First of all, I love his energy,” Lychet said.And the Via Taylor Jenkins from the Pyotr Report. “I’ve really got close to Blaine this year for being on the sidelines. He’s a really smart guy but he’s one guy, my scout and I talk about this a lot, he’s just one guy that I love watching every day in practice because he’s got a cannon. He’s so accurate in his throws too and he can.” Really it whistles in the narrow windows. If he was forced to play, he played in the Detroit game, but if he had been forced to play more, I think he would have really opened a lot of people’s eyes about how talented he is, especially being in the same system for a few years. “

31-year-old Gabbert missed the entire 2019 season in Tampa after a shoulder injury before the season. He appeared in four matches, and completed 9 of 16 passes at 143 yards and two touchdowns. All but one shortcoming came in a 40-point win over Detroit in Week 16.

Obviously, with Brady back, and the goats’ track record of remaining healthy, finding a successor is not on top in Tampa. Repetition as Super Bowl champions is the main goal in 2021. But Licht will remain open-minded about Jabbir’s chances of becoming a successor.

“I’m not going to rule anything out now,” Licht said.

These are the words GM has to say to the Super Bowl champions about QB backup set to be a free agent. The Bucs will likely want Gabbert to return, and the clinging to the possibility of Brady eventually could be enough to make the veteran warrior come back relatively cheaply.

For now, Brady’s ultimate successor is only presumptuous. Licht would be right to consider every avenue before ultimately making that decision. But this is for another day.

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