Bill Belischik “Exposed” Again by Tom Brady, Boss? Skip Bellis explains

Bill Belischik "Exposed" Again by Tom Brady, Boss?  Skip Bellis explains

How did Skip Bayless react to Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Divisional victory Over the saints of New Orleans?

The same old drum beat of course.

Payless has it Targeted Bill Bilesik On several occasions this season in the wake of Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots, he did so again on Monday, one day after Tampa Bay. I punched it to me NFC Championship game.

Brady and Bucks One victory is away From Super Bowl LV, while Belichick and Patriots missed the playoffs altogether after going 7-9 with Cam Newton under center.

Bayless said in the episode “Undisputed” on FS1, “Bill Belisik reveals once again not only as a coach but as a team builder.” “More than a team builder and not a coach. Because I thought in moments this year, I thought his defense was very good. In moments, they got a lot of cams. But it’s not enough that the cam won’t come back.”

Tampa Bay’s success is not Just about Brady. Just as the struggles of New England cannot be commented solely on Bilesic.

But the optics certainly aren’t that great for the Patriots at the moment, and Bayless can’t help but wonder if owner Robert Kraft has been more or less sorry for choosing his head coach over the midfielder for a long time.

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“Robert Kraft should quietly shake his head;“ He would never say it in public, ”Payless said. But saying,“ Damn, what were we thinking? ”Because I promise today that you will see more # 12 pirate shirts in and around Boston. you are watching.”

Overall, it’s ludicrous to take anything away from Belichick’s legacy based on one season. The Patriots’ two-decade dynasty was a product of him and Brady being the best at their jobs.

Don’t tell Beles that. He’s been around Belichick for months, and that criticism might reach another level if The Bucs beat the Green Bay Packers on Sundays while the Patriots are seated at home.

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