Baylor women’s basketball coach calls on the NCAA to “empty” the COVID-19 test in Final Four

Baylor women's basketball coach calls on the NCAA to "empty" the COVID-19 test in Final Four

The Baylor University women’s basketball team coach said Monday she believes the NCAA should stop testing student-athletes before their fourth final this week.

Coach Kim Mulky, “After the games today and tomorrow, there are four teams left, I think, on the men’s side and the women’s team.” He said during a game post Press conference following Baylor’s elimination from the NCAA Women’s Championship by the University of Connecticut.

“They need to get rid of the COVID testing. Wouldn’t it be a shame to keep getting tested for COVID and then get kids who tested positive or something like that and they can’t play in Final Four? So you just have to forget about the COVID tests and have the four teams play in All of the Final Four and set off into battle. “

Players have been tested in the men’s and women’s tournament daily, and so far only one match has been canceled, a first-round match on the men’s side, and no competition was ruled due to COVID-19.

Molky herself contracted COVID-19 late last year, ESPN mentionedAnd has been critical of the NCAA for moving forward with the season despite persistent health concerns stemming from the pandemic.

Mulkey said at the time, “The answer is: The season will go on. It’s called the Great Dollar.” “The NCAA should get the great dollar from the men’s tournament. The great dollar is more important than the health and well-being of the players or anyone else.”

Molekay bemoans the lack of consistent protocols for COVID-19 saying, “One conference does that, one conference does.”

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And she continued, “The CDC says this. Everyone is confused. I am confused. I am uncomfortable with training. I understand that it is a real covid. I have been through it – come and talk to me sometime.” “But I don’t know … all the calls and actions, this will go on and make it extraordinary and uncomfortable for every program. We are not different about Baylor.”

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