Ava DuVernay, Sterling K. Brown, Judd Apatow, Moore Slam An HFPA Without Black Members #TimesUpGlobes – Deadline

Ava DuVernay, Sterling K. Brown, Judd Apatow, Moore Slam An HFPA Without Black Members #TimesUpGlobes - Deadline

Update 10:11 p.m.: She was beaten again today by some of the biggest names in Hollywood for her surprising lack of black members. The Foreign Press Association of Hollywood responded tonight with Repeat a previous undertaking To do more and do it publicly at Golden balls End of this week.

“We issued this statement from HFPA earlier, and we are committed to change,” The Globes said on her Instagram account after Ava DuVernayShonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Sterling K. Brown and many others have criticized the 87-member secret organization for its lack of diversity. “We will also be addressing this in our presentation on Sunday,” the post added succinctly, without providing any details.

With a hybrid show of live and virtual presenters and nominees, Tina Fey hosts the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards on the East Coast and Amy Poehler on the West Coast. The concert is broadcast live on NBC at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PST.

Previously, 6:42 PM: With the Golden Globes here, Twitter erupted in shock and dismay Friday because the founding organizer of the party, the Foreign Press Association of Hollywood, It has no black members And it hasn’t happened in 20 years.

After weak recognition of the problem suppressed yesterday According to HFPA, the reality of the situation did not mesh with Ava DuVernay, former Globes winner. Sterling K. BrownAnd the Judd ApatowShonda Rhimes Country of loveJurnee Smollett, Patton Oswalt, and dozens of others have taken to social media to express their discontent, casting a big shadow on social media.

Reims, Kerry Washington and Alyssa Milano tweeted, “Cosmetic reform is not enough” as they and others put their discontent on a cracked award picture and described the problem: “Foreign Press Association of Hollywood. Not a single black member out of 87.”

“Old news, new energy,” tweeted director and activist Duvernay, who was the first black woman to be nominated for a Best Director award by HFPA in 2015.

HFPA’s makeup appears to be out of the ordinary due to the growing focus on diversity in Hollywood and across the country which was accelerated by protests over the summer after police killed George Floyd and Briona Taylor.

“Lots of crazy things about the Golden Globes and Hollywood Foreign Press, but this is terrible,” Apatow said.

“What is the price of HFPA?” Eileen Barkin asked.

See some of the reactions below.

Head of Color Change says the Golden Globes symbolize Hollywood’s broken promises about diversity – the guest column

The 78th annual Golden Globes concert is broadcast on NBC on February 28.

Eric Pedersen contributed to this report.

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