Australian Open Nick Kyrgios shoots the team’s box during the first-round match

Australian Open Nick Kyrgios shoots the team's box during the first-round match

It didn’t take long – only two games actually – however Nick Kergius He returned to his rocking best at John Cain Arena at the Australian Open Monday night [AEDT].

A 0-2 break break in the first set against Portugal Frederico Ferrera Silva, Kergius turned his attention to his player’s box, and shouted loudly, “Tell your girlfriend to get out of my box!”

It is unclear who exactly he was referring to, but he has proven to be the catalyst for a rapid turnaround in fortunes. Kyrgios quickly broke the match, tied the match 2-2, then muttered cautiously: “I wonder why?”

From there, the Australian was on his way to making a 5-4 lead in the group before stopping measures again, this time scolding a member of the crowd for speaking between sending his opponent first and second.

Kyrios said, “Be calm, brother, respect the child.”

He approached the referee’s chair after the match, and asked him out loud if he would do anything about it.

Kyrios went on to score the first set 6-4 and was rarely disturbed for the rest of his confrontation, sometimes giving himself some advice, and at one point asking his opponent for an unused towel while changing ends.

Kyrgios ended the game 6-4 6-4 6-4 but said he was a far cry from his best tennis career.

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“Honestly, it was pretty average,” he said on the field after the victory. “I haven’t played a single Grand Slam match in over a year. I’ve been nervous.”

“(But) she was special; I appreciate it [the crowd for] Out. It was a strange year, and we all beat it together to make it possible. It felt natural, honestly, it was nice to see [the crowd was] Going crazy

Kyrios faces France’s Ugo Humbert in the second round.

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