Asus latte distributes movies instead of coffee and milk

Asus latte distributes movies instead of coffee and milk

Asus announced The new ZenBeam Latte At CES 2021 today, it’s kind of nice. It’s a portable movie projector that kind of looks like a small, one-eyed, cloth-covered robot. Most importantly, it shoots its 720p image using up to 300 lumens of LED light, making it even brighter. Capsule projectors we’ve seen from the likes of Anker, And has a built-in 10W Harman Kardon speaker system for operation.

Weirdly, Asus insists its display looks like a cup of coffee.

ZenBeam Latte projector.
Photo: Asus

It does not happen. It’s not the right shape (watch the video only!), And why is the “home” coffee cup (the word Asus) gray instead of Glorious Brown? Asus also claims to be the “first projector to offer a Canvas exterior,” Which is clearly wrong.

Of course, you can’t drink Asus latte because it only distributes light and sound. However, it can display your phone or an HDMI device wirelessly.

So they took this as an opportunity, the hardware makers: they made the cup of coffee that Asus didn’t. Just make sure it lasts longer than the movie – Asus cites 3 hours of 6000 mAh battery – and is bright enough to create a decent sized screen. Asus says this can produce a 40-inch image when placed one meter from the wall, 80 inches at two meters, and a maximum of 120 inches (it should be at three meters). Don’t expect a 300-lumen projector to be so bright over nine feet.

Asus says it will come to the US in the second quarter of the year, but there is no information on pricing.

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