Arizona Bath and Body Works turns into a squabble between customers and employees

Arizona Bath and Body Works turns into a squabble between customers and employees

A massive brawl was discovered in front of the camera over the weekend between a customer and a Bath & Body Works employee Arizona Gold Fashion Square Mall Widely.

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The incident footage, captured on Saturday, began with a woman fighting with an employee, before another employee joined, as she was dealing with the client on the ground.

“Leave me,” the woman screams as another agent and two other employees rush to intervene. The group can be seen fighting on the ground, shouting at each other and pulling hair, before the employee grabs one of the women and pushes her towards the door, telling them to “Get out now!”

Then the man forcibly pushes the woman involved in the initial dispute toward the door, repeating: “Get out now!”

The woman tells the employee to stop touching her and says she will not leave until she gets her bag, before she leaves the store.

As of Sunday evening, the video posted on Twitter had garnered more than 173,000 likes and 30,000 retweets.

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The person who captured the video, Genevieve Winslow, claimed that the incident occurred after the woman in the video got into an argument with another client after standing too close.

Winslow said the Bath & Body Works staff tried to de-escalate the situation but the customer wouldn’t leave. She also noted that the woman had been “loud and uncooperative the whole time before the fighting began.”

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to me TMZAnother video of the incident filmed at a different angle shows that the involved agent was arguing with an African American woman before the fighting began and that politically charged language was used.

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A spokesperson for L Brands, the parent company of Bath & Body Works, told FOX News that they are “extremely concerned about the accident at one of our stores” and that they are “currently investigating the matter in partnership with local law enforcement.”

A Scottsdale Police Department spokesman, Sgt. Kevin Kwon, told Fox News that the accident started because someone was cut off in line and that it was “not a mask and it was not about race.” He added that the two women involved in the fighting were criminally martyred.

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