Apple is said to be developing a magnetic battery pack for iPhone

Apple is said to be developing a magnetic battery pack for iPhone

Apple is said to be developing a new iPhone charging accessory in the form of a battery pack that attaches magnetically to the back of the device using MagSafe. Bloomberg Reports. Although some prototypes have a rubber outer surface, the battery pack is not believed to function as a protective case Like previous iPhone battery accessories From Apple. Besides the details of the new battery case, Bloomberg He also notes that the iPhone lineup is unlikely to receive support for reverse wireless charging anytime soon.

The battery pack accessory is believed to have been in development for at least a year, but it is said to be experiencing development issues related to iPhone software that the packaging is believed to be heating up. Bloomberg He notes that Apple is cautious about announcing shipping accessories, after it had to AirPower charging mat canceled in 2019After a year and a half It was announced for the first time. Development problems could mean that a new battery pack accessory has been delayed or even canceled.

The charging package will be the latest in Apple’s lineup of iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories, which are attached to the back of the phone with the help of an integrated magnetic circuit. Previous accessories included wall chargers, as well as magnetically-mounted wallets. MagSafe Back to Apple laptop computers Also, only with a connector that reminds us of the old pill-shaped design.

Rumors of the new battery pack first appeared after a reference to it was found in the code in the beta version of iOS 14.5. Mac rumors mentioned Earlier this week. Bloomberg It is noted that the reference is later deleted.

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In addition to the new battery pack, Apple is said to be interested in letting its devices charge each other. Bloomberg It indicates that it has planned the 2019 iPhone lineup to be able to Wirelessly charge your AirPodsBut plans were later canceled. The job is “unlikely in the near future,” according to Bloomberg.

Other accessory manufacturers are already trying to offer similar functionality to the rumored MagSafe battery pack. 9to5Mac mentioned On one such package late last year, which was sold on Alibaba and Aliexpress under various names.

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