Apple has discontinued the original HomePod, and will focus on mini – TechCrunch

Apple has discontinued the original HomePod, and will focus on mini - TechCrunch

Apple discontinued the original HomePod after four years. It says it will continue producing and focusing on the HomePod mini, which was introduced last year. The larger HomePod offered better sound space, but the mini was well received and apparently doing many of the tasks that the larger version had given it. The audio is very powerful (especially for volume) and provides access to Siri, the Apple Assistant feature.

The original HomePod was an acoustic engineering feat that Apple spent more than five years developing. In order to accomplish its development, the team at Apple set up a complete development center near its Cupertino headquarters, with a world-class development environment with dozens of anechoic chambers, including one of the largest anechoic chambers outside of academic use in the United States. I visited the center prior to its release, noting that Apple went the extra mile to obtain the incredibly complex series of speakers and tweeters that built their own sound space:

But on top of that is a bunch of extra typical apple jelly. Apple says its largest test rooms are one of the largest in the United States, on a board hanging from the outside world without anything polluting its tests for purity of sound. Besides testing the acoustic qualities of the speaker, these rooms allowed Apple to delve deeper into the calculation and mitigate the problems that typically arise from having a loud subwoofer in such a small cabinet. To go further, there are smaller rooms that allow them to isolate the buzz from electronic components (there’s a computer on the board after all) and make attempts to isolate and control that noise so it doesn’t show up in the final output.

I found it one of The best speakers ever For home when I reviewed it in 2018. From the thriving base and the good looking nature of the subwoofer assembly inside; Specially designed fabric cover to avoid interfering with sound quality in any way; The way it senses the way sound is formed by walls and other obstacles and adjusts its output to compensate. The definition of “sparing no effort” was in the Speakers section.

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The speaker main issue at the time was the $ 349 price tag, which was at the end of the home speaker market, especially those with built-in home assistants. The drop in price to $ 299 eased that somewhat, but it still puts it in the front of the pricing umbrella for the season. Apple’s HomePod mini, launched last year, is well received. Our heater Brian said it wasRemarkably big sound “$ 99.

Apple TechCrunch gave a statement about the discontinuation:

The HomePod mini has been a hit since its debut last fall, providing customers with great audio, smart assistant and smart home control for only $ 99. We are focusing our efforts on HomePod mini. We are in the process of discontinuing the original HomePod, and it will remain available while supplies continue through Apple’s online store, Apple retail stores, and authorized Apple resellers. Apple will provide HomePod customers with software, service, and support updates through Apple Care.

Existing HomePods will continue to be sold, but Apple’s website has already run out of Space Gray. It will continue to support current HomePods. Apple appears to be betting on the mini in the future, which may indicate they want to fill every room with a “good enough” sound rather than focusing on the living room with a “really incredible” sound. The HomePod itself has not reached the level at which it can function as a complete home theater alternative, despite being paired in multiple speaker configurations.

HomePod’s research and production efforts will continue in some ways with Apple’s advanced audio display systems that have led to things like Spatial Audio in AirPods. I totally enjoy the ones in my home and I still have to add any thumbnails to the mix. A last-minute search might be appropriate.

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