Another TikTok user “accidentally” put Gorilla Glue in his poetry, and fans mock a viral trick

Another TikTok user "accidentally" put Gorilla Glue in his poetry, and fans mock a viral trick

Another TikTok user got a file Awkward position – And some viewers say it’s a brazen ploy for viral fame.

Avani Reyes, 20, said she went to the hospital after she put gorilla glow in her hair “by mistake” in a video. Posted on TikTok. It’s the latest beauty accident with the highly durable adhesive for viral spread.

Avani Reyes, 20, told TikTok viewers that she “accidentally” stuck a gorilla glue in her hair.
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“I don’t know what to do. That was an accident. I didn’t mean to put gorilla glue in my hair,” Reyes wrote in Clip to social media Platform, adding that the gum was burning her scalp and it didn’t explode when she tried to remove it. Reyes posted a video of her trying to comb her pink hair.

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Reyes’ fatal mistake comes a week after Tessica Brown, a Louisiana woman – now known as a “Gorilla Glue girl” – went public for not being able to obtain the gorilla glue she used to style her hair after she ran out of hairspray. She removed it later Through surgery. But skeptical commentators have criticized Reyes over the app for appearing to be a copy of Brown.

One TikTok user commented according to “Are you mocking the other person who did this or did it actually happen? Either way, this is wrong. I went to the hospital and wasted time (sic)” New York Post.

One user commented according to “You willingly did it after it happened to that lady and you have the nerve to ask people.” New York Post.

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Brown chronicles her experience going to the emergency room in Chalmette, Los Angeles, where he was The adhesive has been removed Using sterile water and a nail polish remover bandage, she revealed in a photo shared on Instagram. The initial clip that you shared with your followers was viewed more than 35 million times.

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Meanwhile, Reyes updated followers saying she was asked to use olive oil, coconut oil, or tea tree oil to remove gum. She said she tried using coconut oil, but had no luck removing the sticky stuff.

The doctor talks about the dangers of gorilla glue and adhesives to hair and skin amid Tessica’s brown story

Brown and her sister set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Brown’s medical bills that have raised more than $ 5,000 after an influx of TikTok viewers and celebrities shared their support.

Michael Bartheromo and Janine Bohak contributed to this report.

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