An enchanting clash of ages

An enchanting clash of ages

The 2020s are heating up this week with the unveiling of two pole-opposite supercars, one pushing the combustion era to new heights and the other taking a bold step toward an electric future. Incredibly, despite all their differences, they’re still rivals

What a fight it is on our hands. It’s the old school versus the new system in what promises to be a gigantic junk that will only happen in this era, now. In the blue corner is the fighting hero, the well-known quantity and the established fanbase hero, while in the red corner a new competitor, slightly heavier and with a stronger punch, has stepped up with the help of smart technology. He is the new kid and he has to prove himself, but he has all the tools to take down the hero.

A coincidence brought the release Porsche 911 GT3 dates back to the 992 era And the McLaren Artura Together on the same day, but just the opposite that created them completely differently. Porsche – after a fair amount of tug of war – is intentionally staying true to the formula it has mastered on its own: the rear engine, rear-wheel drive and the flat-six with a 9,000 rpm roof. There’s no whiff of electric push or environmental conscience, and its buyers love it that way.

McLaren - Old School 911 GT3 vs New Edge McLaren Artura: Fantastic Clash of Ages - Blog

On the contrary, McLaren tossed her rulebook out the window, brought in a flamethrower from the shed and set fire to the ashes. Artura has a new structure, and All-new engine, A new electric motor and accessories, a new interior, and of course a new model design. It has a starting price of about £ 60,000 more than the GT3 and is much more complicated in some ways, but its customer base will still be somewhat staggering with Porsche.

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This is not a normal period for the industry; It’s totally extraordinary. At no other time in history do you have such a glorious dichotomy as when one technology replaces the other just as the electrical energy of internal combustion does. Just as horses became monsters of entertainment, not work, so internal combustion would survive as a hobby by those with the means. When that happens, there will be a completely different lens in which to view 2020, but for now, as the market begins to spread its efforts to every countless corner, we bring us some amazing contrasts.

Take the 911’s fairly obvious mechanical and structural modifications which extract 17 seconds more than 20.6 km of Nürburgring lap compared to the the old. The transition to a sporty double wishbone suspension at the front, and the addition of width and aero features inspired by the GTE, made a big difference without changing the formula that the press and customers alike loved. It must be a cool thing; Aggressive power and strong electricity without the need for connection, with a rich heritage dating back to the mid-twentieth century.

Artura’s new 120-degree V6 engine is designed to be as compact as possible when all the extra parts like turbine, transmission and exhaust are added, which is just the opposite. Brand new, with an unusual and rarely built V-angle and an intentional focus on crossbreeding, it’s a lot not in GT3’s Flat-six. The only thing they have in common is the number of cylinders. For an additional £ 60,000, McLaren gives you a more powerful combustion engine despite abandoning a full combustion engine. Liter Of cubic capacity.

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That’s before you even consider electric assist. Suddenly, the People’s Champ was starting to look pretty much superior with 168 horsepower and a ton of torque across the mid-range. In what appears to be another little miracle made by the Woking brand, the Artura is only 60 kilograms heavier than a Porsche. Bear in mind our shoulder hit on that.

GT3 embodies pure analog adrenaline in salable form. You can get it with a manual gearbox, it will speed up to 9000 rpm over and over again without exploding, and it will shatter the revolutions of any given circuit until the tires need replacing and like previous GT3 cars, it will also be easy to live with if you are a suitable enthusiast and want to use it every day. It is the best manual sports car that humans can reliably build for the road at a price enough people pay.

McLaren - Old School 911 GT3 vs New Edge McLaren Artura: Fantastic Clash of Ages - Blog

Artura is a hell of a way for McLaren to enter its new reality. More power than the frighteningly fast 650S, the ability to cruise 18 miles with electric power and a hybrid setup designed for performance as much as emissions, it’s miniaturized. P1 For less than a fifth of the cost. Its unveiling on the same day as the 992 GT3 was revealed is cool; Its presence at the same time in history to achieve the goals of the daily supercar on a large scale is testament to the tremendous flow the automotive industry is experiencing.

A battle looms between GT3 and Artura, despite an apparent performance bias in favor of McLaren’s team. In more than one way, it’s a battle the GT3 can’t win, but nonetheless we hope with every fiber in our beings that someone eventually brings them together for the quarrel we all want to see. We suspect it will count on the tester as to which of these two myths in their own time come to the fore, but when it comes to in 10 months to summarize CT highlights of 2021, we know we’ll be talking about both.

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