An asteroid flying safely near Earth on Sunday

An asteroid flying safely near Earth on Sunday

On Sunday, bigger asteroid This year it flew through the Earth at a speed of 77,000 miles per hour.

Celestial body that received the designation “A potentially dangerous asteroid” by NASA agency But the Planetary Defense Coordination Office has not come close.

“We know the orbital path of 2001 FO32 around the Sun very precisely, since it was discovered 20 years ago and has been tracked ever since,” Paul Chodas saidDirector of the Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects (cueÖ), Which is operated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the south California. “There is no chance the asteroid will approach Earth more than 1.25 million miles.”

What has perseverance the March Rover accomplished so far

The asteroid, which completes one orbit every 810 days, reached its closest point on Sunday, but the rock is still more than five times the distance between Earth and the island. the moon.

The close call will allow a scientific study of the asteroid to take place.

She said “Not much is known about this object at the moment, so a very close encounter provides a great opportunity to learn a lot about this asteroid,” said Lance Penner, lead scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Lucky star-watchers might even witness a visit.

“The asteroid will be brighter as it moves in the southern sky.” She said Shodas. “Amateur astronomers in the Southern Hemisphere and at low northern latitudes should be able to view this asteroid using medium-sized telescopes with apertures of at least 8 inches in the nights before the closest approach, but they may need star charts to find it.”

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