Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez aren’t divorced and couple says they’re ‘working through some things’

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez aren't divorced and couple says they're 'working through some things'
David Crotty

For those of you who thought love was dead by simply reporting the breakup of famous spouses Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, there’s some good news for all of you today. They have reportedly not ended their relationship, and are only currently trying to figure things out, according to a joint statement.

“All reports are inaccurate, and we are working through some matters,” the statement said. In USA Today.

The statement was released on Saturday, just a day after outlets like Page Six and TMZ independently announced that the couple had called for them to withdraw. Those reports indicated that the reason for the split was Rodriguez’s video chat with reality TV star Madison Liker, adding to the already existing problems.

A source told Page Six, “Jennifer was really embarrassed about that.”

Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged in 2019 after two years of dating. There were wedding plans for the two, but those have been canceled twice, according to Lopez, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Their last public appearance was the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Lopez was an actress at the event and sang a mix of “This Land is Your Land”, “America the Beautiful” and her song “Let’s Get Loud.”

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